Letter to the Editor

Reader disappointed with state of roads

Sunday, April 1, 2012

To the Editor:

I would have to agree with my fellow Brazil comrade in regards to the roads in Brazil.

Exactly. Where are our tax monies going?

I would have to say -- growing up -- I lived outside of town, down a gravel road.

My siblings and I called it Washboard Lane.

We were far too often driving on the opposite side of the road in hopes to miss the dinner-plate sized holes.

I never thought it could be much worse than that. Boy, was I in for a surprise.

We know the taxpayer's money is not going toward fixing the streets.

Perhaps a commitment to invest in improving the streets is too much to ask.

No ... wait ... I don't think so. Our taxes are going toward town improvement, correct?

I have recently purchased a new car and am ashamed to say it sounds worse than my grandmother's "ole jalopy."

Just a thought: What would happen if the victims of Brazil City streets sent their vehicle repair bill to Brazil City?

Again, that is just a thought.

I live on one of the busiest streets of Brazil and listen to cars drive by -- each one rattling just as badly as the one prior. We have had the "craters" filled from time to time only for a down pour to make that hole fill -- cars come along, hit the gravel filled hole and throw gravel into the siding of our house.

Need I mention we have a hole in the siding of our house from one of the flying pieces of gravel?

We have recently started building on to our house.

Expectedly, we must go through the process of having our house pass certain codes, or so-called inspections.

One such mentioned code was that our house must be completely sided in order to pass this inspection.

Hello? Are we trying to improve our house and pass inspection by the same individuals who have us travel the streets of Brazil?

And I have only just begun ...

Tammy Smith,