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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Asking, 'What if ...'

Sunday, April 1, 2012

I had sent a letter to President Obama many months ago, suggesting a few ideas of mine.

I'm adding some to it now:

I wrote suggesting the military draft be started up again, and every able person between certain ages be trained for one year (male and female) and if they object they serve in a non-profit facility away from their home area.

What if the draft had been activated and military counselors had not recruited many of these volunteers? Would this have had a difference in American acceptance as proud parents? Fewer suicides? (Some 13 percent in 2010 had two deployments according to an expert from the Surgeon General's Office).

And we know now that many have had three or four deployments to the Middle East.

What if our government put a freeze on all gasoline being sold at no more than $2 per gallon? I suggested this many months ago.

I feel that not all big oil is to blame for this, but the "big fellows" in the stock market whom are bidding and betting on paper, buying "future oil" at bidders' prices, which set in motion the raises and then filters down to the cost.

I paid a local auto parts store $4 for a quart of oil last week. Would it have been cheaper? Back in 2005-07, a barrel of oil cost around $50. That was the crude from the Middle East.

Within, what, two-three years, we have jumped up and the truckers had pulled off the interstates and said, "No more high prices on diesel"

Then the price raised more and gas is up. Now, it looks like it could go to $5 anytime.

I paid $4.49 for one-half pound of honey two weeks ago after the last increase. What if the government said prices had to roll back to 2008 prices? I feel we are in an economic war right now as the cost of gas and oil is the cause of food prices going up and up.

What if the government closed Wall Street down for, say, six months, and all those buyers and sellers of paper for the future were put out of business for that time, and all lobbyists were barred from speaking to any elected government official in Washington?

Likely, we would have a bunch sent to prison for dealing in the back door.

It likely would make an impression.

What if all the Chinese said, "Hey, we have bought this and that, and now we want our money back. Cash?" I wonder who would yell the loudest?

What if the government got wise and asked each state with a little town of 200-300 people to come up with, say, five persons to recommend the best ways to help reduce the government spending and reduce the national debt? I feel that all of Washington doesn't have the least idea how some little $350 Social Security person lives in Clay County and further, I don't think they care until an election year.

What if all these running for election voted for the people at home and forgot party politics? Stop talking is what they would do, and do it.

What if ...

Sometime, somewhere in Washington, D.C., it was said that English was the national language. Take a trip down west Washington St., Indianapolis, and tell me what you can read. I wonder if they took the "oath."

What if we stopped borrowing money from country "A" and "giving" it to country "B," would this help our economy and would it help our reducing the national debt?

Country "B" has been without roads to their interior for the past many years, so why "give" them money that they can skim off before using it to build their roads? It seems we have a lot of corruption in the world as well as at home.

We learn every day of Ponzi scams and other ways that long-time people have been skimming monies only to learn that they have been caught with their hands in the "cookie jar."

I listened to a TV Evangelist and thought he brought a wonderful message until he said another TV preacher spoke to him and bought him $3,000 in new suits and "boasted" that every couple months (don't recall, three or six months), he received more new suits and "boasted" again that, "Do you know, I've got new suits that I have even worn."

What if we learned these folks were found to not use God's monies as they say they would, and building their own little empire?

Would be a little more than upset?

I have sat on boards where some preachers say they don't want a salary, or very little. They are doing God's work and only want to continue and preach the Bible. What if that happened throughout the country?

What if we had some foreign religion wanting to build a temple in our country, buying property and getting everything in order and we learn they are from Iran, Iraq, or Pakistan, and wear hoods, scarves, etc. Would you agree to let them build? Would you be friendly with them?

I have read where the people from that area have different ideas about Americans and it isn't nice to think they even want to be in our country. We are losing boys over there right now for the average Middle Eastern people, who want us out of their country.