Public Record

Friday, April 13, 2012

Clay County Courthouse

The following transactions took place at the Clay County Courthouse April 10-12:

Circuit Court -- Civil

Clay County Treasurer & Assessor Vs. Michael and Karen McVey: Miscellaneous Civil

Amber L. Nelson Vs. Robert P. Nelson: Domestic Relations

Roy Newlin Vs. Keith H. Burkett: Miscellaneous Civil

Victoria L. Tipton Vs. Michael J. Tipton: Domestic Relations

VCA Vs. MERS: Miscellaneous Civil

Marriage License Application

Todd N. Trinajstick, 43, Brazil, and Christy Lee Collier, 33, Brazil

State Criminal Charges

Jesse Lee Mathews, 30: 1. Possession of a device or substance used to interfere with a drug or alcohol screening test 2. Interfering with a drug or alcohol screening test

Cynthia D. Brazzell, 21: 1. Operating a motor vehicle without ever receiving a license

Michael Neal Jones, 44: 1. Operating a vehicle while intoxicated 2. Endangering a person 3. Operating a vehicle with an ace of .08 or more

Breeanna N. Burk, 19: 1. Criminal mischief

Dean Allen Bayer, 35: 1. Theft

Luke Paul Eckrich, 51: 1. Possession of child pornography

Nicholas J. Schlueter, 28: 1. Obstruction of justice 2. Possession of a controlled substance 3. Possession of marijuana 4. Possession of paraphernalia 5. Possession marijuana

Brandi M. Martin, 29: 1. Possession of a controlled substance 2. Possession of a controlled substance 3. False informing