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CCS purchases property

Friday, April 13, 2012

Amy Burke Adams
CLAY CITY -- Clay Community School (CCS) board officials decided the answer to a long-term debate Thursday evening, the relocation of the transportation office.

The school board approved a motion to purchase the Williams property, 410 W. Pinckley Street, for $225,000.

The facility will be used to house the CCS transportation office, which is used for dispatch communication and bus routing.

Throughout the course of the decision making process, school board members have requested several appraisals for different property options, but finally chose the Williams property.

During the meeting, board member Amy Burke Adams made the motion, with board member Jennifer Kaelber giving the second.

"I believe this facility can provide the accommodations and space necessary to house the future transportation office, and I strongly support this decision," Adams said. "None of the other properties we looked at suited our needs as well as the Williams property."

The motion carried with a 6-1 vote, with board member Forrest Buell in opposition.

"I don't think this building was professionally chosen," Buell told The Brazil Times. "I didn't like the way they went about it. We should have advertised and published our specific needs to see if anyone around the community could offer a better property that was more customized to our needs for acreage, location, traffic congestion, etc."

Initially, the bus garage debate began when the City of Brazil's planning and zoning office gave the school corporation permission for a two-year contract for the temporary office structure on Depot and State streets; however, the city required a permanent structure to be put in place as soon as possible.

Since then, transportation officials have been operating out of the temporary office and exceeded the allotted time.

Brazil Planning Administrator Stacy Gibbens was able to grant the corporation an extension to allow the board more time to research their options.

Another issue with the current transportation office conditions included the building's size.

CCS Transportation Director Frank Misner and other office employees said the office was too small and didn't have enough room to accommodate those who may visit the site.

The purchased site includes an existing 6,000 square foot metal building, built in 2000 on 2.62 acres of land.

It's also equipped with two 14-foot garage doors and docks, as well as restrooms and offices.

At a previous board meeting, CCS Superintendent Kimberly Tucker said the purchase of the property would include $300,000 in improvements for installing perimeter fencing, above-ground fuel bays, engine exhaust removal system, site lighting and security and an additional $6,000 cost for appraisals.

Forrest Buell [Order this photo]
According to board officials, after the transportation office has been moved, the temporary modular will be returned to the company the corporation is leasing it from.

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Does Buell ever like anything anyone else does? He is the one that usually the one in opposition of everything...

-- Posted by MS440 on Sat, Apr 14, 2012, at 3:52 AM

Where are they getting all of this money all of the sudden?

-- Posted by MS660 on Sat, Apr 14, 2012, at 7:52 AM

The $$$$$ needs to go to the kids not the greedy adults that want all new everything??? Your schools are getting failing grades and all you do is waste the money you get, shame on you CCSC! And TELL YOUR BUS DRIVERS TO STOP GOING DOWN TO Aldi for a gallon of milk in the county owned school bus this is a waste of tax payer $$$$ AND VERY DANGEROUS he almost hit a golf cart that came zooming into wallyworld parking lot.

-- Posted by Combat VET on Sat, Apr 14, 2012, at 8:56 AM

CCS Transportation Director Frank Misner and other office employees said the office was too small and didn't have enough room to accommodate those who may visit the site. Wow is this why they need to spend 1/4 of a million??? So they can accommodate visitors, REALLY??

-- Posted by Combat VET on Sat, Apr 14, 2012, at 9:03 AM

Combat VET- first of all get your facts straight. The bus driver that parks his bus in the Wal-Mart parking lot between routes WORKS there between routes and is NOT shopping. Yes, some drivers may stop there but this is only as long as it is ON THEIR WAY home and not out of the direct path to their house--this is not costing you or anyone else extra for that stop. Also, if you ask the employees in transportation office, they were NOT in favor if the Williams location. This was completly individuals on the school board who decided to purchase this location and both Frank Misner and Tom Reberger pleaded with the board to consider another location because of the "extra" costs involved in actually making it usable for the transportaion department. Just look at how much "extra" money is being spent on the new central office to make it usable. Personally, I feel there are individuals on the board who really don't care what others think and don't consider the cost. The Williams property will end up costing MUCH more than the board is leading everyone to believe just like the "new" central office. But I guess it is nice that the board helped out the husband of a CCSC principal by buying the property off him (which seems like a little bit of a conflict of interest)--Clay County buddy system at its best.

-- Posted by faith&family on Sat, Apr 14, 2012, at 2:42 PM

faith&family- It seems you believe that there is school board conspiracy to buy the williams property. Do you realize this bus garage issue has gone on since September 2007? Search BUS GARAGE in the Brazil Times and read the stories yourself. And so, your "conspiracy" started in September 2007 with different people serving on a the board and must've continued as new board members joined the board. Perhaps you've watched too many Hollywood movies and you are convinced everything is a conspiracy. This bus barn issue has haunted this county going on 6 years and wasted so much time and money searching for the perfect solution. This took time and money away from education. It kept the transportation employees working in substandard and unsafe conditions for too long. A solution has been decided and you criticize. Regarding your "clay county buddy system" comment- grow up. It's that kind of mentality that keeps brazil stagnant.

-- Posted by Claycountian on Sat, Apr 14, 2012, at 3:02 PM

If the williams property had the same owner as the city coal yard MISNER and REBERGER would have been all for buying it.

-- Posted by car11 on Sat, Apr 14, 2012, at 7:21 PM

I beleave it was Reberger and Misner who said no to the Romas property on highway 59. How smart was that. BOTH NEED TO RETIRE.

-- Posted by car11 on Sun, Apr 15, 2012, at 12:40 AM

We have schools failing to make the grade and we are going to spend 3/4 of a million dollars to purchase and remodel a garage? Wow!

-- Posted by ccc on Sun, Apr 15, 2012, at 2:07 PM

Dear ccc:

$225,000 + $300,000= $525,000. If you do the math, it's not 3/4th or 75%. It is a little over 1/2 million or 50.25%. Several years ago, taxpayers and board agreed to spend over 4 million for a bus garage. Considering that, $525,000 is not bad. See what it would take to construct a building like that. And if this purchase puts the bus mechanics in a safer environment to work on the buses, possibly preventing injury, what price would you put on that? They've worked too long in a crappy unsafe environment often in the winter outside in the cold due to limited space. There's no reason for it. Their working conditions are as important as yours and mine. They are also working on the buses that transport our kids and you want the best possible job done on the bus that transports your child. Provide them what they need to do the job to keep themselves and your kid safe.

-- Posted by Claycountian on Sun, Apr 15, 2012, at 6:43 PM

Really, reeally BAD move! There was a much nicer and much bigger building that was far more suited for this than the Williams property and it was much cheaper. But, as someone already stated....the folks who had that site for sale didn't have any kin at any of the schools! Just sayin........Very bad move on your part CCS!!!! You're all fired!

Good for you for voting no Dr. Buell. You were the only one who was thinking clearly on this one.

-- Posted by Proud of My Country on Mon, Apr 16, 2012, at 11:25 AM

Claycountian- Yes, I am very familiar with the bus garage issue and I completely agree that the current garage is far from ideal. I also agree that the school board has spent too much time on this and trying to get everyone to agree will probably never happen. However, I wouldn't say that it is a CONSPIRACY against the transportation department or anyone else. What I do know is individuals who actually work within the transportation department have concerns with this property. I also know that some of the current and former board members have chose not to listen to recommendations or suggestions from either Mr. Misner or Mr. Reberger numerous times. The board has wasted several thousands of dollars doing feasibility studies and drawing plans for locations they had no intentions of voting in favor of. A majority of the board members, both current and past, have not even visited the current location to actually understand the operations taking place there and what needs aren't currently being met. I also know that who the owner is, or was, of a few of the considered properties was taken into consideration. I know this because I have actually spoken to some of these current board members, past board members, and employees. My concern and question is, why does the board feel they know this is the ideal property when those who will actually be working there and doing maintenance on it or in it feel otherwise? Now that the property is bought, the transportation department will make the best of it because that is what they do-they have made the best of what they have had for years and I wish them the best and hope it all works out. But, I still question what the final cost will actually be after ALL improvements are done and why some individuals on the board were SO willing to give Mr. Williams so much extra time to get things in order when a vote on this property was originally to take place late last fall. Conspiracy, no, but yes there is a buddy system in Clay County even if others may not think so.

-- Posted by faith&family on Mon, Apr 16, 2012, at 1:25 PM

I have been watching this issue very closely since August of 2008. The only other properties that were anywhere suitable was that Wallace property which appraised far to high, but was perfect of the job, and the Trucking facility just south of I-70 which is a poor choice of location given the fact that most of our buses are concentrated around Brazil and excepting the ones that run from home to Clay City daily will be close to the facility at some time of the day.

The current facility has too little room for the number of buses we have, I think if you squeeze, you can get two large and a small one in it at a time which doesn't leave a lot of room to do a needed oil change or a required brake job if you have two already in and torn down awaiting parts. The lot is also too small and I really enjoyed watching the State Police Inspectors working on city streets these past few years...NOT!

Now, those who work there may have their ideas of the "perfect" facility and the Williams property may not fit their idea, but the reality is that most maintenance is minor and is not worth even the fuel of moving a vehicle into the shop, the mechanic grabs a few tools and a small part and does the job. It is idiotic to put a vehicle in the shop to change a headlight, adjust a door, or put on new wiper blades unless we are experiencing a blizzard, torrential downpour, or an ice storm which would probably mean that the defect wasn't going to get fixed right then anyway.

As for relationships, what person whose family have been in the county for any length of time is not friends, family, or neighbors with someone who works for the CCS?

-- Posted by Leo L. Southworth on Wed, Apr 18, 2012, at 9:41 AM

I still must ask why was the Giant garage and land at Craig park not used? Maybe the City of Brazil could have offered a lease option to the CCS OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT. But instead we burden the tax payer more and more. This conflict of interest should be investigated by the State if you ask me..

-- Posted by Combat VET on Wed, Apr 18, 2012, at 12:42 PM

Are you kidding me? People think there is some type of conspiracy that the property may be owned by someone who works for the school system? You can always find some type of excuse and gripe about anything. Clay County is small.... every property probably has some conflict. It's not even a confirmed fact that it is relation to someone who works for the school system.

This was a great mood. I am glad they are finally spending the money on a new garage and property.

We have a board that is willing to spend some money on something nice. So what!!!! I am okay with spending money on something that is worth it.

It is a necessary and past due purchase for the school system. Get over it you grumps!

-- Posted by Unsolicitedtidbits on Thu, Apr 19, 2012, at 3:10 AM

Hey no problem if you want corruption that's exactly what you will get.

-- Posted by Combat VET on Thu, Apr 19, 2012, at 8:47 AM

There sure is, F&F .. and it makes me sick.

-- Posted by Emmes on Thu, Apr 19, 2012, at 12:04 PM

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