Letter to the Editor

Invitation for commissioners

Sunday, April 15, 2012

To the Editor:

How long are we expected to drive these horrible county roads?

I have lived in Clay County all my life and it seems the roads have to be completely destroyed before they are repaired.

I live in northeastern Clay County. When we bought our home in 2004, the road to my home was a nice paved road, all the way to United States 40. Now it is about 70 percent rock.

I know when this home was appraised, it was priced for being located on a paved road. What would the value be now with the condition of the roads? Is the county willing to compensate us for the loss in value?

The county patched the bad spots with limestone last spring, (that is spring of 2011). Every time they grade, it spreads longer and longer, covering more surface of pavement.

The ditches, in most places, are higher than the surface of the roads, some of this is due to the farmers tilling their fields, right up to the edge of the ditches, causing them to fill in over time.

Drainage is the key.

My wife and I used to enjoy going for walks in the evening, but we can't now without being dusted.

We are not able to leave our windows open except for right after a rain. I have to ask the same question: Where is our tax money going?

Clay County should have a surplus left over from winter since there wasn't any money spent on snow removal or salt.

And what about the wear and tear on our vehicles? My son had a sharp rock puncture a perfectly good tire on his car. I just had to spend almost $1,000 in repairs on the front suspension on my truck and our car is developing more and more rattles all because my family has to drive through these beat-up roads.

These roads are destroying our vehicles, the appearance of our homes, and the desire to spend time in our yards.

I will gladly invite all the county commissioners to my home for a cookout, at my expense, just so they will have to drive four miles down the rough terrain they are responsible for and breathe the dust stirred up from passing cars.

You all wanted the county office you are working or you wouldn't have ran for it, so please step up to the responsibility you asked for and so something about the roads you don't live on.

Clint McKinney,