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Brazil Buzz

Thursday, April 19, 2012

I hate to disturb you, but it is time again for our weekly connect.

I have been very busy all day. It is time to rest the old ponies and feed you some friendly fodder.

The folks in the little blue house at the end of the road enjoyed last weekend. We spent quality time with our daughter Starla and her husband Bruce May.

Bruce installed a new printer, a gift from him -- an HP Photosmart 6510 -- for me. I am very grateful for my good fortune, and more than that, his friendship.

Friday, Paul and I visited with the folks at The Brazil Times. A little bird told me that an in-house open house was planned for Robin Yocom on her last day on the job. We stopped by the office to wish her well in future endeavors.

Even though I am not an employee of The Brazil Times, everyone there, past and present, has treated me kindly.

Aside of a wonderful supportive family, it is they and you, my readers, who make me feel good about myself.

Since I send "Brazil Buzz" into the office via the Internet, I had never had the pleasure of meeting the Managing Editor Jason Moon. Paul and I were introduced to James David's father.

I will be sending my "homework" directly to him now.

The promise I made just short of 10 years ago stands. I will keep it coming, in a timely manner as long as it makes sense to me and you and your interest does not wane -- or worsen.

Since others retired their articles, Brazil Buzz now lives on, in Friday's edition of the paper.

I admit that I stretched it out somewhat, but I could and would, gladly recoil some of the ramblings to make room for an old "neighbor" or a new one.

The weather that we have experienced already this month does not come as a surprise. Mother Nature spoiled us last month and now that fickle lady of many moods is disturbing the peace.

I am mad as a wet hen about the damage that befell the fruit trees. The dwarf cherries, the old apple tree and the rhubarb plants did not fare well. Certain other plants and shrubs suffered consequences of hail, wind, frost and a light freeze.

Thanks to my uncle, the late John Lynch, I learned a long time ago not to be in a rush to plant a garden too soon in early spring, especially plants that are not hardy enough to withstand the weather we experience during the changing of the seasons.

So it is, my tender plants are reaching for sunshine from the tiger oak table behind the rain washed panes of the south windows. The sprouting seed potatoes rest in the gunny sack and the garden spot at the homestead is still idle land.

And, I think she gave that seedy old maple tree permission to drop all of the wet fruit of two united samaras that I like to call, "airplanes," or "whirly birds," on my porches.

Now on top of everything else, it is time to fill the darn gas can again. I don't think the grass lost any ground. It is standing tall, like cutting never happened.

Tootie Mae received a good report card. She has mild dandruff on her shiny black coat. I theorized Paul Baby holds her too much, especially after he does a comb out.

I told her about it, and she just shrugged it off and gave me her look.

We are glad "Toot" lets us live in her little blue house at the end of the road.

I send my condolences to the family of Evelyn K. Angleton. She and her twin sister, the late Eva Dalton, were schoolmates of mine. Evelyn read my articles.

Not too long ago, she called me, and we enjoyed some reminiscing about school days at the old Meridian Street School and beyond and a myriad of other subjects of common interest. It was so nice to hear from Evelyn after 54 years hence.

The soft-spoken woman inquired about my book of poetry, "Simple Poetry and Other Things."

At the time, I still had a few copies of my first published book in store. I thought the book with an unwritten story of faith and hope attached to it would be a nice little gift for her and more, she could share it with Eva and her other siblings.

I told her that the next time we traveled down Depot Street, we would stop by her house and drop off a copy. I did.

Her smile spoke volumes that day. She invited me in to visit, but as per usual, I was in a hurry.

She said I made her day. I am so happy we both had a good day that day.

Now I must tuck in my babies and get some rest before that thing called nature kicks me out of bed.

Thanks for all the calls last week.

I can be reached at 446-4852 or by e-mail at pamsarq@frontier.com.