Letter to the Editor

Why not ban other items?

Sunday, April 22, 2012

To the Editor:

This is to all the busy bodies that wanted the smoking ban in Indiana, and believe everything someone tells you.

Just stop and think 40 years ago, you never heard of cancer in this country, then they started to bring foreign cars to this country. Then all of a sudden, cancer was everywhere and everybody is blaming it on "smoking," which was being done before the "white man," came to this country.

If you drive a foreign car, look in your owner's manual at the warnings it has. Proposition 65, which states the interior and exhaust causes cancer in California. Since cancer doesn't know what a state line is, that means it causes cancer in other states too!

Even the American-made cars are having this warning about the interior and exhaust being hazardous to your health, which is what is stated on the cigarette package.

If you stop and think about it, 100 percent of the people who have had cancer have driven or ridden a car, only a small amount of people with cancer have smoked.

This is just one more step to a dictatorship in Indiana.

So, you moms, next time you strap your kids into the car seat, think about this: "You are putting your kids in danger of cancer."

We all know that the government won't put a ban on cars, or stop us from letting our children ride in them. That would interfere with the really big money.

Walter Young,