Letter to the Editor

Food Pantry board provides update

Sunday, April 22, 2012

To the Editor:

The Advisory Board of the Clay County Emergency Food Pantry met Friday to review their service to Clay County during the three months of the first quarter.

A delicious carry-in dinner was enjoyed by the 17 members in attendance.

Director Ruth Haas reported that a total of 822 orders were filled, representing 2,658 individuals.

A discussion and decision about replacing the roof due to hail damage took place. It was agreed that we would accept the proposal from Brazil Roofing to have the roofing replaced.

It was brought to the attention of the board some individuals are utilizing our dumpster.

You will be advised this is private property and we need the full benefit of this dumpster for our own discard.

We recently noticed a used tire in the dumpster. We have decided to try to identify the individuals who have been putting their trash in this dumpster.

We also note the receipt of donated used TVs. We have no use for these used TVs. We note Goodwill is charging a fee to leave a TV at their location.

Please assist us by not leaving items that are junk. We desire to provide for receiving usable clothing and household items.

We take note that the need in Clay County for our services is very serious and greatly appreciated all who donate to this program.

We do receive $5,000 a year from the United Way, but our financial need is great so we appreciate each donation.

Several new volunteers are needed, male or female, especially those who are younger and more capable than the mostly senior citizens who help us, some on a daily basis. All are welcome to come by and observe our operation and to make yourself available to help.

Our sincere thanks to the churches, civic and community clubs and groups, which assist us.

Stop by and view this operation and become more aware of the need and the amount of food and clothing that is needed to meet the needs of these families.

George T. Hewitt,


Clay County Emergency Food Pantry