Letter to the Editor

Living in a 'City of Holes'

Sunday, April 29, 2012

To the Editor:

OK Mayor, and all elected officials who can do anything about the conditions of all our streets (too numerous to detail), but for example Meridian Street ... drive on the east side before your shocks will give out on the west side if you go to town from any place.

Try North Meridian ... and that is most certainly an example.

Disgusting is the situation in our town. Not one elected official should ever greet us with a smiling face and a fancy speech until every street can be traveled without choosing a side for the holes located in our streets. Give us a break. What is your job, mayor, town or city council, or street department? You know, the guys who spill my trash on the street so it can blow in the yards, then to add insult to injury, throw the trash can on the concrete, breaking the handles off or leaving the can laying in the street so you can jump on the truck and get the next can.

Speed counts. Not taking your time and doing the job. Running a race is not part of your job description. Doing a satisfactory job and not making a mess is a part of your job description.

And I don't want to hear all the buts. But, but, but ...

Excuses do not make an effective trash pick up. Do the job. Then I will applaud, not whine.

I retired here. I chose this community to retire and am happy to be a part of. The people are great, good band, good park ... is it asking too much to expect good streets?

I am a proud citizen, and I love Brazil.

Know my concern: Repave our streets. Start anew.

Begin one at a time. Please.

More than concerned. Not wanting to hear or listen to further excuses.

E.E. "Buzz' Burgess,


P.S. -- Town Council ... Do you think our "holy" streets could be on your agenda? Talk about it? Pray about it? Do something about it.