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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Brazil Buzz

Thursday, May 3, 2012

We received a gift of fresh produce from a generous friend's garden. The crisp leaf lettuce, red radishes and green onions certainly will add to the evening meal.

Paul and I entertained dinner guests last evening. I cooked comfort foods, ate more than a modest share and was uncomfortable all night.

A salad with a low-cal dressing may be half of my food intake today. The grandchildren are likely saying the same.

The VA notified Paul last week that, due to a cancellation, he could undergo a second surgery on his eye Friday. After scheduling appointments for pre-op and the much needed corrective work, the caller found the doctor forgot to note the patient uses a blood thinner.

Unfortunately, Paul has been placed on the wait list, until further notice.

Hopefully, the eye clinic will contact him a few days in advance the next time, at least 10.

Good news for me this morning. I did not receive a clean bill of health from my urologist, but progress gained from the treatment was noted.

I can live with that for now.

This worry wart is so happy. I could cry a river.

According to the BMI Index, I am mildly obese. Yep, 10 pounds overweight. I know now I should have put my fully loaded purse down when I eagerly jumped onto those scales. That extra weight amounts to an extra inch I might need in a pinch.

On second thought, maybe I will dust off my pink bike for the charts sake, for goodness sake.

We came home in a pouring rain. I become anxious when the visibility is so poor. We stopped by Menards to purchase some cleaning supplies.

After a short shopping experience, Paul went to the parking lot to bring the car around to pick up his half-soaked damsel in distress.

Two Amish gentlemen and a sales associate came out of the store with a loaded cart of full-size white plastic sheets of lattice works.

The elder of the two backed up a full-sized pickup to the storefront and the men proceeded to put the fencing in the littered bed. The rain was bucketing down with force again that limber pile of the unstable stack of material. The men tried their best to get a good grip on the slipping slippery panels.

First, one end hit the ground, then the other, back and forth. The men never cracked a smile. No one rushing for cover did either.

I stood there humming to myself, "Hold on," over and over until their tailgate snapped into the upright position and the drenched old boys breathed a sign of relief and cleared the space for my ride.

Paul promised to take me fishing when the work load around here lightens up.

That promise reminds me of my New Year resolutions, but then again, during the nearly 55 years of marriage, the dream maker has surprised me a couple of times.

Our granddaughter, Elizabeth Gale Cory, the daughter of the late Brue Cory and Lori Patrick, is a member of Virginia Tech's graduating class of 2012.

She studies animal and poultry sciences. Lizzie has maintained very favorable marks throughout her journey toward a promising future. Liz is employed in management at Big Lots, in Front Royal, Va., where she resides.

Michelle Obama is to be the scheduled speaker at the commencement of the class of 2012 of the aforementioned technical college.

Elizabeth's fiance, Jake Barbee, a transfer student, will finish his studies at Tech before year's end. He and Lizzie will marry in August.

The young scholars plan to make their home in Denver, close to family there.

I graduated from Brazil High School 55 years ago. I often wish I could have carried out my dreams of furthering my education.

I am just grateful I still have what I learned at Brazil City Schools, State Laboratory School, Smart Appearance Beauty College, through correspondence and more than that -- life.

That alone will be enough to carry this old dreamer out.

God is good.

Now, I am off to make a fresh salad for the man in the mirror who is resting in the recliner by the window.

I can be reached by phone at 446-4852 or by e-mail at pamsarq@frontier.com.