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Officials confirm tornado

Friday, May 4, 2012

Bryan Husband
CORY -- On Friday, Clay County Emergency Management Agency Director Bryan Husband told The Brazil Times officials have confirmed a tornado did touch down in the county during storms Tuesday, May 1.

"I ended up with more pictures and information about the Cory tornado that was reported ... and was able to confirm it was an actual tornado, not a funnel," Husband said. "But it only lasted less than a minute out in an open field and did not cause any damage."

Husband said he took photographs of the area and confirmed a spot where the tornado did touch down.

"It just jumped down and jumped back up," he said. "All of the yards were clear (in the area), which meant it didn't rattle the trees. It was a very, very minor small trail.

"(Photographs) showed a little bit of dust and a little bit of debris on the ground."

Husband said radar images he received displayed possible rotation in the area.

"It wasn't a powerful enough of a tornado," Husband said. "It was more like a strong wind devil."

A photograph taken by a Cory resident captured the tornado in action. After seeing the photograph, Husband immediately contacted the National Weather Service.

Husband added information like this should immediately be relayed by calling 911.

"Reporting this information helps us warn others that may be ahead of the storm," Husband said. "This type of tornado is usually rated as an F-0 to F-1. Because it touched ground, the numbers may have been a little higher. It would be very hard to tell.

"As the storm gets bigger, it can grow to a stronger tornado, which could cause some very heavy damage. We need to warn the people of its path."

Husband stressed warning others of possible storms heading their way.

"We need to warn others that it is coming," he said. "This one reminded me of the one that went through Ashboro a few years ago. It didn't show up on radar. F-0 to F-1 (tornadoes) are usually small and stay as funnel clouds. (The tornado in Ashboro) downed trees, removed roofing and damaged homes. If this one would have stayed down, it could have caused some major damage."

Husband said the tornado in Ashboro did not touch down.

According to information Husband has, Tuesday's tornado was the first one to touch down in Clay County this year.

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