Letter to the Editor

Chamber of Commerce favors wheel tax

Sunday, May 6, 2012

To the Editor:

This letter to the editor is in favor of the sur and wheel tax that will be voted on by the Clay County Council at their next meeting.

The Clay County Chamber of Commerce is in full support of the wheel tax. It will benefit current local business and help Clay County look more attractive to potential business.

The wheel tax is the best opportunity Clay County has to get funds to fix local roads. It is a tool the state gives counties to raise funds for roads.

If the tax is not passed, we are less likely to receive funds for roads from the state going forward.

The state's position is that they will help counties that try to help themselves first.

We are one of only a few counties in the area that do not currently have a wheel tax and it is obvious by the road conditions.


The Clay County Chamber of Commerce