Letter to the Editor

Reader disappointed with response to ever-growing problem

Sunday, May 13, 2012

To the Editor:

My letter is concerning a lack of response to requests for help from my town council.

I have spoken to different members about my problems to no resolve.

Prior to the summer of 2010, I had a yard that I could actually enjoy and use. That summer, the town had a storm sewer system put in. Since that time, every time it rains, my entire yard floods.

The back yard takes three weeks to dry out. It has become a mosquito breeding area and the town refuses to fix a problem they created.

I no longer can enjoy the outdoors at home, cook out, have bonfires, nothing -- because my yard remains wet for so long after a rain.

I have pictures, videos and have had the town board president at my house in the rain.

He agreed there is a problem and that's it. I ask him every time I see him about the status of fixing the problem to no avail.

The neighbor across the street had their flooding issue resolved because a former board member owned the house. I feel I have been discriminated against because my yard never flooded before their storm sewer project, and even thought I have inquired several times, it falls on deaf ears.

All I want is my yard back and to be able to enjoy it without being eaten alive by mosquitoes. Is that asking too much?

Deborah S. Montague,