Letter to the Editor

Loyalty Day Parade Chair extends thanks to all

Sunday, May 20, 2012

To the Editor:

Hello. My name is Mary Anne Wineinger and I am the Loyalty Day Parade Chair for 2012.

I would like to thank all those who participated in the parade, especially the trophy winners: Brazil's American Legion Post 2 (first-place), Skelton Taekwondo Academy (second-place), and Toni's Dance and Tumbling (third-place).

Thanks also to those in the community who came out to watch.

I want to thank Mike Holland, our Clay County Veteran's Service Officer, who went out of his way to provide me with much needed information for segments of the parade. Thanks also to Bob Bigley, Commander of the V.F.W. Post 1127, who had the reviewing stand set up.

Thanks to Randy Joe Lalen, who stepped in as Master of Ceremonies on very short notice.

Thanks also should be given to the judges and those who helped with the lineup, all of whom donated their time in an attempt to make the parade a success.

A very special thanks should be given to our Co-Grand Marshals who rode in the parade to honor those from conflicts in which they participated: Luke Erwin and Mose Marks, World War II; Jim Cassidy, Korea; Darrell Meaden, Vietnam; Norman "Chip" Hunt, Desert Storm/Shielf; and Jill Owen, the Global War on Terrorism.

Thanks also to their escort, Deputy U.S. Marshal Greg Snyder.

I would be remiss, however, if I did not extend a personal apology to Mr. Roger LaPlante, whose entry in the parade I inadvertently left off the roster.

Mr. LaPlante was a member of the acclaimed Big Red One and is a veteran of the Persian Gulf War. I want to assure him that no slight was intended.

I have been trying together information about Loyalty Day and its' origins and intent in an attempt to make future parades more successful. I would appreciate any input readers may have for me. Ideas, historical information and suggestions would be appreciated.

Contact may be made by e-mail at mammyof8@gmail.com, V.F.W. Post 1127 in Brazil, The V.F.W. Post 6606 in Clay City, or through Mike Holland of the Clay County Veteran's Service Office in the Clay County Courthouse.

Thanks to all,

Mary Anne Wineinger,