Letter to the Editor

Ways to get people to support board

Monday, May 28, 2012

To the Editor:

How can one get our public, parents and students to support our school board members?

* Change our school board members' current status. Elect school board members from our current schools' districts, which would be two. Associate your board members' residence with their school. Our two school districts often have two different school goals. Elect three members for the south and five for the north districts,

* Form committees of students, parents and public individuals to inform their board members personally on a regular basis. Eliminate the five minute worthless public input at school board members' meetings,

* Change students' classroom environment with these new type with all board members residing within their school district,

* Change the three elementary schools in Brazil. Use one of these buildings to educate all fifth-graders. Use one school to educate all fifth-graders together. This will prepare them for their sixth-grade year in North Clay Middle School. This could address our bullying problem. Transfer grades Kindergarten through fourth-grade pupils from this building to the other five schools within this district, and

* Allow fifth-graders in Van Buren, Staunton and Jackson Township schools to enter one class, if desired, in North Clay Middle School, while they are still enrolled in their home elementary school. This can prepare them to enter sixth-grade at North Clay.

Numbers four and five changes would have all sixth-graders better prepared to enter North Clay Middle School full-time. This can encourage more students to apply themselves. It can reduce stress for teachers in our classroom.

I wish to submit this for everyone to analyze and submit their opinions for these changes. A streamlined school board is vital to this plan.

It is a plan in which everyone can shake hands and student education can be improved. Our new central office is to be presented to the public in July. This can be an excellent time for our school board to hear our public's opinion.

If two different school boards are approved for the members to serve within their respective districts, this can be accomplished by our public at the November 2012 election and put into effect January 2013.

I believe that these changes can improve our students' educational value at a low cost.

Forrest Buell,

District 4 Board Member,

Clay City