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Thursday, June 7, 2012

I just finished filling the last jar of homemade jelly.

Now that pint of palate pleasing, pleasant tasting spread is signed, sealed and delivered to the cabinet counter to cool with its pantry mates.

Paul loves jelly on his toast. Homemade is a frequent treat.

He suggested that I make some salsa, bake an applesauce cake and a whole bunch of other stuff was added to today's wish list, but the fact is, jelly set aside, this writer has a date with you, my readers. I gave him permission to lick the jelly ladle later.

He is napping now, no doubt, resting his stomach before it tackles my homemade "Jazzy Jambalaya."

We are hoping to get some much needed yard work done this week.

Thanks to Williams Service Center, my riding lawnmower is ready to roll.

The evergreens will need extra attention, too. If we don't stop the bagworm army at the pass, Paul is going to be out there cocking his BB gun. Then again, he might just soak the trees with the appropriate spray.

He lost most of his BBs while hunting for Big Foot behind the little blue house at the end of the road and some of his marbles -- living with me nearly 55 years.

Forgive me. I walked into the cabinet door above the counter earlier and, as a result, I am in an entertaining mood. I forgot what kind of happy that is.

The ditch that runs along the frontage of our property has smoothed out well since the new waterline was replaced by the city employees. Their work is very much appreciated.

We have no trouble mowing that area of the east side of our street or keeping it nice.

Paul and I look forward to the arrival of the bush hog and a tidy trim of the unsightly overgrowth of trees and ground cover along the entire northwest side of the dead-end street.

Our family has been busy this spring. Summer will be filled with adventure and good times, too. Daniel Risk, our favorite filmmaker, will be working on a film project in Taiwan.

His goal is to gain his Masters in Fine Arts at Dodge College of Film and Media Arts at Chapman University, in Orange, Calif.

Last night, he sent the family one of his short films to download via e-mail.

The short film, titled, "A New Life," culminated his first year's work in the graduate program.

Dan's mother, Starla May, has returned home from an exciting and relaxing three-week vacation in Europe. Now, her three children and their spouses and the granddaughters are flying out to Scottsdale to visit her and Bruce at "Casa de Blanca." Everyone is on the move, here, there and everywhere.

Now, you know why this old granny is anxious to get back on the lawnmower. You would be surprised how far my mind wanders as I roll along, sing my happy song. Give that old Craftsman some Speedway juice and baby, I am covering some ground.

While waiting for repairs of said mower, we cut a few of our large grassy lots with push mowers last week.

The exercise sure played havoc on the muscles and joints. It is a plus that we still enjoy fast recovery.

I killed my first snake of the year. It was far from a trophy kill. Paul spent some time looking for the remains. All he found was a little head and some blood on a curly green blade of a huge wasted dandelion. He walked away without a word of praise.

Imagine that? The black snake that he brought down last month was nothing to write your mother about, but I went into ceremonial mode over the great little white hunter's achievement.

I have poor eyesight. Therefore, that could have been a crooked stick that he held up for "show and tell."

So it is, heartfelt condolences and my poem to the family of Spc. Arronn Fields.

When Our Loved One Goes Home

God is aware of our sorrow. He knows our pain

The things we are feeling are never in vain

When He takes our loved one up above

He knows the presence of our undying love

He has set aside a place in Heaven

That is more wondrous by far

Where souls can dwell in peace

No matter who they are

We are given memories

Of all of the good times we shared

And the love that we have within us

Is forever spared

Sometimes we get busy

And we forget to share

But one thing for certain

Our love is always there

And when God takes home our loved one

Before we can say goodbye

If goes unsaid that we cared. We need no alibi.

Mary Lou Lynch Sartor -- 2000

I can be reached by phone at 446-4852 or by e-mail at pamsarq@frontier.com.

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