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Thursday, June 21, 2012

A quote from James Whitcomb Riley on God, choice and weather:

"It ain't no use to grumble and complain. It is just as cheap and easy to rejoice. When God sorts out the weather and sends down the rain. Why rain is my choice."

I have been guilty of expressing my discontent during this dry spell. I make no apologies.

Though I know how to rejoice, too. Send us any amount of rain, and I will be singing.

Paul and I are taking life easy in the cool comfort of the little blue house at the end of the road.

I plan to make red plumb jelly later, while Paul works on Lori's oil painting.

Tootie Mae is catching a few winks before her tiny toenails meet up with the dog clippers.

Toot's in-house groomer promised to give her a pedicure this evening. Our little princess actually likes the procedure. When she found out I leave toes and wagging tales intact, she chose clipping instead of trimming them with her teeth. I like that.

Our German wirehaired pointer will, no doubt, enjoy a nice fragrant bath in the morning, but the nails undergo a natural file. He pointed out his preference early on.

Thanks to Williams Service Center and Vigo Machine, the walk-behind mini bush hog is ready to tackle the overgrowth of dry grasses in the pasture.

The deer and beer toting, trash dumping trespassers of the human kind played havoc on the fence that borders the Restlawn Cemetery and surrounds the rest of the perimeter of the enclosure.

Several of the tired wooden fence posts dad cut and we setback in the day need replaced with steel ones as well.

Fast growing ivy and honeysuckle interweave and thrive along the line again. I itch just thinking about the work area.

We seniors are never short of home and land improvement projects.

I do not think we will find time to go many places this summer or fish, either.

Lori Patrick, our youngest daughter, will take a few days off work in Denver to visit her sister Starla Sartor-May and her husband, Bruce May, in Scottsdale, Ariz.

They plan to visit the antique malls, make pottery and create floral centerpieces for my granddaughter, Lizzie Cory's wedding. Lori and Starla are going to take an early morning ride in a hot air balloon over the desert.

There will be no dull moments when the sisters get together.

Come July, Starla will visit us a few days where she will find more hot air.

I was hoping she could be here in time for our Fourth of July Celebration at Forest Park, but the plan is later.

That is one day that I do not wish for rain.

The weather can be unpredictable, though. I've experienced years when a jacket was needed to help alleviate the chill. I witnessed storms and extreme heat on the Fourth of July.

High winds, falling limbs, broken branches and other weather-related hazards were of concern. Usually, we walked two miles to the park.

One walk back home from the holiday event seemed longer, especially when nasty weather occurred, unexpectedly.

By the time we got home, yours truly was as out of sorts as the baby dad was carrying in his rain drenched arms.

My parents were ready to wring my neck and hang me out to dry well before we slid into home base.

Lightning presents another threat.

My mother and father watched the angry sky and for good reason.

She told us during her youth, two brothers who lived near her childhood home in Hoosierville were struck by lightning and one died.

She said when the storm hit, the young men were working in a cornfield.

They ran for shelter beneath the nearest tree and fell short of their pan.

Because of her early teachings and examples, such as, the aforementioned accidental happening, I respect electricity from all sources.

We are blessed to have beautiful Forest Park and all that it is. Whether I participate in the next celebration or not, it is nice to know my favorite place of recreation and entertainment is still in existence for everyone and me and doing well.

Thanks to a lot of good people with our best interest in mind, in that regard.

And, isn't it wonderful the Brazil Concert Band endures?

How proud the builders of well-preserved cabins would be to know that we are still realizing their historical value.

Thanks to the members of the Clay County Historical Society and our help, we can do that.

The park's great, well-planned, child-friendly playground in a safe environment pleases the parents and caregivers and delights the children.

A nice, well-equipped and maintained pool with good management and trained staff is a plus for a community. We have that, too.

There is not enough room available in this article to list the entirety of the beauty of Forest Park, or to tell you how much it means to me.

Try it -- you will like it.

We must handle our parks with care to ensure future generations can enjoy the same.

Now I must go, before I run out of time and will need to eliminate one of the tasks ahead.

Thanks to the readers who called and e-mailed me or stopped by last week.

I can be reached by phone at 446-4852 or by e-mail at pamsarq@frontier.com.