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Thursday, July 12, 2012

The sweltering heat wave should be out of here soon. The folks that live in the little blue house at the end of the road are stressed to the limits. I haven't felt heat like this since the Greyhound bus broke down in Yuma back in 1958. I was very pregnant and became very sick, while our driver waited for assistance.

Today I was out and about. That same feeling surfaced and almost spoiled the afternoon.

Something in my gut was stirring around, kicking up a storm. The cause of my problem was nothing to write your mother about. Paul took me to Arby's. I was relieved!

Our granddaughter, Lizzie Cory lives nearby Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Va.

They were away from the apartment, visiting with the minister, when that huge rainstorm occurred and crippled the east.

It was reported that close to 42,000 of Appalachian Power Company's customers were dealing with the dilemma, in that area.

The pets were stressed as well.

Jake and Lizzie made sure that their elderly and special canine friend, Rocky, was comfortable and safe. The learned-woodsman led his charge to the cool water of the creek--a comfortable place to refresh and enjoy.

Lizzie made a special trip back to Indiana after the untimely death of her beloved father, the late Bruce Cory, to transport her childhood friend to his new home in Virginia.

All of the young couple's store of food in the refrigerator and freezer needed to be destroyed.

On Saturday, the fourth of August, Elizabeth Gail Cory and Jacob Luther Barbee will be united in marriage at Cool Spring Church of God, in Bentonville, Va.

She is the daughter of the late Bruce Cory and Lori Sartor Patrick. Jake's parents are Thomas and Gay Barbee of Front Royal.

Our youngest granddaughter, Ms. Mary Shannon Patrick, of Lakewood, Co., will be "Sweet 16" tomorrow. She is the daughter of Lori and Clifford Patrick. Seems like only yesterday that my namesake came into the world.

Lori rented a theater for the evening. Her family and party guests helped Mary celebrate the occasion with a private viewing of a movie, good eats and merriment.

The spunky teenager excels academically, though, she doesn't miss many school associated social functions, dates and opportunities to travel at home and abroad. Special attention on her 16th birthday works for her as well. On my 16th birthday I was helping out the late Frances and Ernest Hayward with light housekeeping. Frances, a gifted singer and musician, played and sang the birthday song to me, beautifully. That meant so much to me and I will cherish that memory until my dying day. The Hayward family sure knew how to light up my life!

That mark-setting birthday of mine came with other perks. I began marking the days on the calendar of 1955 with an X until I could date.

When the fourth of November rolled around, I reminded my father of his promise and he said that would be acceptable on a limited basis.

Then came rules so strict, it would have been easier to stay within the confines of the home place, behind the Catholic Cemetery (Restlawn) where I am today.

Yep, first, I was allowed to go to the Saturday movie matinees with my friends. When anyone did ask me out, the boy had to meet with his approval, before I could say yes or no.

Now this put a clinker in my grate. I wanted to see the movies at night. "Well, OK, BE HOME BY NINE! If you want to go out again--watch the clock!"

And, my father added to his chatter all the rest of this and that, which fit my plan somehow. "If you don't listen to me, your brother will go looking for you on his bike!" During later dating days the patrol car came in handy. John worked his way into a used DeSoto.

Nine o'clock came halfway through a movie, usually. Most of that popcorn went to waste.

The rule set forth on my 16th birthday had its setbacks. I know whomever paid to entertain me was not getting much for his buck. I felt bad about that and I was bothered by the front porch light, too. And when the shadows moved from behind the window blind, I was met with the third degree.

Well thanks to a fellow by the name of Ted Turner, I can now see the last half of the reruns of the first new, classics that I failed to see due to promptness and respect of authority.

The elopement was an entirely different move! That time I left the fan behind for them to clean!

Happy birthday, Sandra Elaine Lynch Gallardo.

Words that were spoken in Brandywine Meadow on that special birthday so long ago, will remain, heart healthy, hidden safe and sound amid channeled days, moon-lit nights and the ever-lingering fragrance of dried yield flowers and forget-me-nots, sister! Although, I will still accept questions from you, I will neither explain the complexity nor richness that threads my life's tapestry, by design and otherwise.

A few moments of laughter is my gift to you. I enjoy keeping you in stitches, however, the thread belongs to me! I am not done working on the project.

I can be reached by phone at 446-4852 or by e-mail at pamsarq@frontier.com.

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