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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Brazil Buzz

Thursday, July 19, 2012

And then the rain fell. First a drop or two and then a few. I am grateful for that wee bit. I took my umbrella to the grocery store, but opted to leave it in the car. I wanted to drink in the blessing. The rain sure felt good against my face! There just wasn't enough moisture to do any good.

My new eyeglasses helped search out the source of that ray of sunshine and I said, "Thank you!" The small lenses didn't seem to mind the full bath, either.

I know I will be looking toward the heavens again, maybe before this week comes to an end.

The few plants that I have only show a slight amount of heat-related stress, but the tomatoes are small.

Of the variety of fruit trees on the property, only the red plum produced well. I was able to preserve the harvest. The clear, red jelly will taste mighty fine on our toast this winter.

I added one-third cup of the tangy treat to my barbecued pork recipe, as a substitute for apricot. I added one cup of salsa, one-and-a-half teaspoon brown sugar, one medium red onion (sliced thin), one medium bell pepper (chopped) and one teaspoon Dijon mustard to the pork loin. The slow cooked meat is delicious! The recipe also works well with a good cut of Angus.

Creamy homemade slaw, new potatoes, fixings and scoops of "Charleston Gray," ice cold watermelon set well the entire night.

We get out of bed early this morning. As I was heading toward the kitchen to brew the morning jump-start juice, I picked up the distinct smell of burning plastic. I know of nothing that can compare.

We always make sure that the fire alarms are functioning properly. We heard no warning sounds in the little blue house at the end of the road.

Paul checked out everything (almost) outside and inside, still the cause of that nasty odor could not be located.

After breakfast, I decided to launder a load of clothes. I noticed the water temperature did not match the setting of choice on the dial. It occurred to me that neither of us checked the water heater.

Well, low and behold I found the source of our concerns beneath the smoke-covered jacket.

The protective plastic of the uppermost smoke-covered heating element of the water heater melted.

The appliance is a total loss. The hard-working, burnt-out plumbing appliance will meet up with the recycler soon, included with a couple mowers that were good to the last hum as well.

Thank God when trouble rained on us, this time it did not pour.

Starla and our grandson, Michael and his wife, Kayleigh visited us last week. Saturday, Michael flew to San Diego where he and Dan attended Comic-con. This is a yearly pop-art indulgence that the boys rarely miss.

Dan returned earlier from a film shoot in Taiwan.

Meanwhile back in Lakewood, near Denver, Mary Shannon Patrick has a new driver's permit!

It does not seem like so long ago she sent "Flat Stanley" to me. She sent him out into the world to see the sights several years ago: The Brazil Times, beautiful Forest Park, CVS Pharmacy, Eastside Elementary Brazil's fire station. Even the local police officers on duty met Mary's pal. Paul worked the camera and I received the best keepsakes ever.

Grandma handled that school project as if it were her own. Then, I sent Stanley Lamb Chop back to school with a suitcase filled with "Show and Tell!" and I thanked the nice group of good sports for Mary and me.

I sure hope she will take a long drive someday and pull up in our driveway. Maybe she'll bring Stanley.

Flat Stanley might not appeal to Mary Shannon now. That boy is not good for conversation, and besides, he travels by mail and slides under doors. Mary needs to keep her eyes on the road, not the passenger side of the vehicle. Stanley lives in a series of children's books. The first edition of Jeff Brown's works was published in 1964.

I sincerely have enjoyed visiting with you each week this past decade. I sure would be honored to continue our weekly visits another ten! GOD has been good to me, and YOU have been good to me and for me. You have been kind to Paul Baby and Tootie May, too. If Mama is happy, it sure puts the smile on Papa's face.

Next week, the 10th birthday of "Brazil Buzz," we will take a brief look back to where we have been. I will pull the curtain back again, just for you!

This writer will lean toward the sunny side. I have 521 articles, in file, to thumb through.

Thank you for the e-mails last week and the phone calls.

I can be reached by phone at 446-4852 or by e-mail at pamsarq@frontier.com.