Public Record

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Clay County Courthouse

The following transactions took place at the Clay County Courthouse July 17-19:

Circuit Court -- Civil

United States of America Vs. American Society of Composers, Authors: Civil Collections

Nicholaus Hollowell Vs. Russa L. Hollowell: Domestic Relations

Carla Prather Vs. Benjamin Prather: Domestic Relations

Janyne D. Merritt Vs. Samuel J. Myers: Domestic Relations

JP Morgan Chase Bank Vs. Robin G. Evans II: Mortgage Foreclosure

Unifund CCR Vs. Melissa G. Roberts: Civil Collections

Deborah G. McMillin Vs. Donald L. McMillin, Jr.: Domestic Relations

Stephanie M. Edmaiston Vs. Randall J. Edmaiston: Domestic Relations

Bank of America Vs. Christopher Cook: Mortgage Foreclosure

Wells Fargo Bank Vs. Calvin Kimball: Mortgage Foreclosure

Bradley Guidry II Vs. Terre Haute Regional: Miscellaneous Civil

Small Claims

Indiana Department of Transportation Vs. Benjamin Knox: Civil Tort

Paulina Vanatti Vs. Scott Griffin: Small Claims

Nina Hylton Vs. Schrader Well Drilling, Inc.: Small Claims

Cheryl Snyder Vs. Larry and Becky Loveall: Small Claims

Cheryl Snyder Vs. Rhonda Silvers: Small Claims

Marriage License Applications

Christopher M. Deckard, 38, Brazil, and Angie Marie Ringholz, 34, Brazil

State Criminal Charges

John Derek Robbins, 28: 1. Public intoxication 2. Disorderly conduct