Letter to the Editor

Disappointed with lack of respect

Sunday, July 22, 2012

To the Editor:

This is not a letter of complaint.

It's a letter of hurt that cuts deep.

I have loved ones at Cottage Hill Cemetery. I live out-of-state, when I visit I go to pay my respect to my family at the cemetery as I have for years.

In the past I have found my father's stone nearly off the foundation and tire ruts cut in his grave. I out a Shepard's Hook up that has been there for years. It was made of steel that was nearly bent in two, and knocked out of the ground. I am appalled by this.

It hurts bad enough to lose a loved one, it really hurts when their final resting place is so disrespected and violated.

It's not only my family's stones but others, too. I hope someone checks into all the destruction at Cottage Hill, because I am.

Cindy Grupe