Letter to the Editor

Golf Course receives high praise from customer

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Editor's Note: The following letter was sent to Troy Farris of the Forest Park Golf Club

Dear Troy:

On a recent visit to Indiana, I had an opportunity to play your golf course July 6, with my friend, Steve Clark.

I have played Forest Park several times throughout the last 40-50 years and many times in the last three-four years with Steve.

Steve and his wife Judy had explained to me how the course had changed and how much nicer things were after some changes were made some time ago.

I listened, but didn't really take not or think much about it.

Steve and I had played Idle Creek and Rea Park in Terre Haute, and I was not that impressed with their current conditions.

I was impressed with your course.

The first thing that struck me after arriving at the course was how clean everything looked and how nice and friendly the people were in the pro shop.

John and Ron were very nice and helpful and wanted to make sure Steve did not have any problems with slow play ahead of him.

The tee boxes were smooth and green and I did not break any tees trying to tee up.

The fairways were far superior to other courses with green grass and softer ground.

The best part of the course for me was the greens.

Not only did they have sufficient water, but fertilizer and other chemicals to combat the heat.

The ball rolled smooth and true, taking away any excuse I had for a bad putt.

Tom Cain and yourself certainly know your course and what it takes to keep it in shape.

Hats off to the Mayor and (City) Council for giving you the money to make it happen.

I am not sure what the city's game plan is for this facility, but it is probably the best move the Mayor has made in some time.

You have a great team and as a visitor, you can really tell the difference.

Keep up the good work and if this letter needs to go to someone else, please forward for me.

I certainly look forward to my next visit to Forest Park.


Ed Vaughn