Public Record

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Clay County Courthouse

The following transactions took place at the Clay County Courthouse July 24-26:

Circuit Court -- Civil

Riddell National Bank Vs. Norma K. Monce: Mortgage Foreclosure

Carrie M. Lovett Vs. Bryan J. Lovett: Domestic Relations

Andrea L. Vinzant Vs. Zachary W. Vinzant: Domestic Relations

Fifth Third Mortgage Company Vs. Unknown heirs at law of WM Price, Jr.: Mortgage Foreclosure

Bank of America Vs. Daryl D. Martin: Mortgage Foreclosure

Small Claims

Matthew Pflueger Vs. Stephanie Stover: Small Claims

Brandon L. Riggle Vs. Hunter J. Riggle: Civil Plenary

Marriage License Applications

Douglas E. Moody, 30, Center Point, and Kristy L. Backfish, 25, Center Point

State Criminal Charges

Brock A. Wheeler, 18: 1. Resisting law enforcement

Shannon K. Yocum, 36: 1. Possession of methamphetamine 2. Operating a vehicle while intoxicated 3. Endangering a person

John R. Burk, Sr., 55: 1. Battery

James C. Lalen, 32: 1. Possession of methamphetamine 2. Possession of marijuana 3. Possession of a controlled substance 4. Possession of paraphernalia

Derek Ray Kennedy, 20: 1. Resisting law enforcement 2. Criminal recklessness 3. Operating a vehicle while intoxicated/Endangering a person 4. Operating a vehicle with an ace of .15 or more 5. Illegal consumption of an alcoholic beverage