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Fire causes massive damage

Friday, July 27, 2012

Firefighters responded to a house fire at 304 W. Blaine Street on Friday. Official said, the fire started on a porch, which faces Colfax Street. [Order this photo]
Brazil and local firefighters battled a blaze at a Brazil house Friday, which resulted in no injuries but plenty of damage.

According to Brazil Fire Chief Jake Bennett, the fire on the house -- located at 304 W. Blaine Street and is a rental property owned by Brazil Mayor Brian Wyndham -- started on the porch, which faces Colfax Street and then spread throughout the house.

"When we got toned out they said it was a porch fire," Bennett said.

"When the truck arrived, (the fire) was coming out one of the windows in the front and the porch was fully involved. (The fire) was also in the attic, coming out of the eves of the attic (with) heavy smoke coming out of the attic."

Bennett said it was a heavy fire that had too big of a jump on his men.

"(It) was a heavy fire with heavy smoke," Bennett said. "We sent three guys in the interior on the backside and then two guys went in the front.

"They knocked down all the fire on the inside of the house, but it was going too good in the attic and we couldn't stop it up there."

"It caught insulation and then got into the roofing. We went in the eves to try to knock it down in the attic ... it had too big of a jump on us."

Bennett said the fire had been going for a while on the porch before firefighters arrived.

"It was going pretty good ... on the porch for a little while before we got here," Bennett said. "Then it got up into the eves and into the attic."

He said the fire got into the house when the resident -- unaware of the initial fire on the porch -- opened the door and the fire continued into the residence.

Bennett said the pop-up storm with heavy wind that came through while firefighters were working fed oxygen to the fire and allowed it to get out of control again.

"We contacted a couple of the volunteer departments for manpower because our guys were getting worn out because they were going inside and they were getting on the roof," Bennett said. "They cut a vent hole on the backside to vent some of the heat out so we could get back inside and pull some ceiling -- it just didn't go our way."

Bennett said the Brazil Department had three trucks respond, as well as additional manpower from Van Buren Township and Posey Township volunteer departments, in an effort to relieve his men who were getting worn out.

He said firefighters also had to be mindful of the house next door to make sure the fire didn't spread to it.

According to Bennett, at this time, officials have no indication of what started the fire, but he noted he was glad there were no injuries.

"The best thing that happened is nobody got hurt; everybody was out, and (we) didn't lose anything around it," Bennett said.

Bennett also praised his men and the volunteer firefighters who responded for their efforts.

"I think the (Brazil) guys did a good job," Bennett said. "I appreciate those volunteer departments bringing their guys in ... I'm just glad nobody got hurt."

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