Letter to the Editor

Local reader believes gun control is essential, needed

Sunday, July 29, 2012

To the Editor:

After reading your perspective piece on the Colorado shootings, I am confused why the managing editor does not see the need for gun control in our community.

I bought my retirement home here in Clay County and because gun fire from a neighbor, I can no longer live in my home.

In 2009, as I slept, I was awaken by gun fire from a truck spinning its wheels on my gravel driveway, throwing rocks at my home.

As I got outside to see what was going on, the drunken president of the HOA was yelling and shooting his pistol in our direction.

As I approached him to see what his problem was, he then assaulted me. On my property.

Since this took place in 2009, we have had a very hard time with justice in this case.

Soon after, a Clay County judge issued a protection order. The defendant did not comply with the law.

Every time this man would see me outside, he would start shooting.

A Sergeant from the Clay County Sheriff's Department then paid us a visit to hear our complaints.

The next day, this CCSD representative was seen drinking beers in the bar with the now defendant.

But the harassment only got worse and we had to move and rent out my home.

When the HOA looked at these complaints of possible violations of the CC&R of the property owners, the policy was changed to be in favor of the defendant.

I have made reports to CCSD, Clay County Prosecutor, the Clay County Commissioners, the Clay County Council, Indiana State Police, Indiana Conservation, three lawyers.

Upset in Indiana!

Roger LaPlante,

disabled combat veteran,