Letter to the Editor

Offering history in school board action

Sunday, August 5, 2012

To the Editor:

Our school board members elected in 1982 presented Northview High School plans to State Departments for approval.

That school board was told by our state departments that these department approvals would only be approved if Clay City Schools were left intact without any undermining by the local school board.

If there were to be any such undermining in Clay City Schools, no approval would be given for Northview construction from any state departments at that time.

This 1982 school board agreed to leave Clay City Schools intact without any undermining.

This prompted state department approval for Northview construction.

However, this agreement was not valid by future Clay Community School Boards.

Clay City School's 4-star status on the state level is not present today. Other undermining of Clay City Schools has occurred.

During the past four years that I have been a school board member, I have been strongly bullied by other school board members to the point of becoming speechless and unable to attend the July school board meeting at the July 2011 board meeting at Clay City.

That was a new activity by our school board and the first monthly board meeting I had missed since July 1976. Who instigated this bullying? It definitely undermined Clay City Schools' atmosphere from 1982!

Effective education for all students has not been developed in our Elementary Schools, North Clay Middle Schools or Northview. The only reason given by our school board for placing our sixth-graders at North Clay Middle School was to enhance athletic programs at Northview.

Academic values in the classrooms were never presented in the planning of North Clay Middle School!

Both school systems serving our school corporation need to replace the undermining in both educational systems in our schools. Separating school board members into their respective schools will do much to improve all students' educations.

If there is another better way of solving our educational problems, uncover them to our public and our students.

It is time to remove individuals who keep our students in an un-educational status?

I again request what percentage of our total renovation of all seven elementary schools is being used in Clay City and is being paid by Clay City taxpayers?

What percentage of the total renovation payments, $26 million, are being paid by taxpayers in Clay City District?

What percentage of the total renovations came to Clay City's Elementary School? Four percent.

I was unable to present the material that I had prepared to present at the July 12, school board meeting, regarding the establishment of two school boards in one Corporation.

This would better serve the two school entities that differ in their philosophies! Both entities have the approval of our state departments.

Both are struggling to deal wit undermining their school philosophies.

This is not conducive to first-class education for our students!

At the July 12, board meeting, I could not present my reasons for two school boards in one corporation. Our school board had already been manipulated to vote against this board item. I eliminated all my material to avoid school board members bullying me again for the public to witness!

Our school corporation is in dire straits. State department help is indicated.

Forrest R. Buell,

Clay City