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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Was that rain on my windowpane last night?

The evidence was sure slim this morning.

Even the puzzled robins were digging for answers.

The rain gage came up same as empty also.

I am harvesting a few small tomatoes from some plants now.

I am almost ready to pull up stakes and move on until next year.

The potted and pampered peppers are slow bloomers.

At my age, I can't endure too many disgusting developments.

This week, a large portion of the apple tree at the homestead split out at the crown of the trunk and fell to the ground.

The seemingly healthy tree, like all others on the place, is stressed to the limits this year.

I would hate to lose the old tree, the offspring of a grand old apple tree dear to my heart back in the day and even now.

The consequences from drought, to this degree of extreme, will be felt a long time after the rains begin the repair work.

Those funny looking weeds that I could not identify dot the landscape and thrive when others cannot.

I found out from a weatherman, in the know.

Truth is, certain weeds need a minimal amount of nutrients, less moisture to survive.

The drought resistant seeds lie dormant, sometimes for years, then germinate when Mother Nature gives them the green flag.

Kevin explained those facts far better than I.

I know that the name "funny weed" is already in use. I am far from curious about that.

We are truly enjoying the 2012 Olympics -- all events. The Brits may not rate as the hosts with the most to some, but I'd say they are doing a jolly good job this time.

I see the "red carpet" rolled out everywhere. Hats off, just for us.

Everyone that knows me very well is aware that I admire the royals.

Don't allow Queen Elizabeth's frown to lead you to think she isn't having a grand old time.

She is just worried about where to hide her crown when she tries out for the next Bond flick.

I hope you saw her sense of humor displayed on the way to the festivities.

I noticed Prince Phillip did not stay too long after the opening ceremonies.

I reckon he could not contain it when he saw his wife hanging out with James Bond.

There was a fallout to factor in, as well.

Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwell, were there horsing around. I figure she would have rather been a Bond girl for the evening, but his niece is a competitor in equestrian events.

Prince William Arthur Phillip Louis and his lovely Kate Middleton smile naturally.

It is very easy to admire the young couple. Their presence is felt by the gifted competitors and the world, wherever they are.

"Wills" and his Kate are pure class, no act about it.

Harry is caught up in the action playing out in London. He has a good time everywhere he goes and at everything he does. I like that.

The porcelain likenesses of the family are staring out at me from across the room, with the exception of Harry that is.

If that rascal settles down and takes a bride, two more dolls will be added to the Royal house, behind the beloved glass door of my cherry curio cabinet.

Camilla would have been a fine addition for my lovely case, but I heard that the mold broke. The same thing happened to Anne, the Princess Royal.

Don't take me wrong, I am not a hoarder.

I just like "pretties."

Princess Elizabeth was a beautiful bride. Today, she is still beautiful.

I desire to own a bride doll made in the likeness of the Queen Elizabeth II someday.

I might need to move Sarah Ferguson in with Cinderella and Fairy Godmother just to keep peace in the royal house.

She could just stand on the outside looking in. Sarah has been there and done that before.

There is some nice looking fellows in the Williamsburg case, but there is also some dogs from China and several that look like Tootie Mae.

Who knows? Could be, someday, the real queen will parachute in -- just because.

I think a spot of tea served with some crumpets in my best China would be mighty fine. She would need to leave James Bond in the helicopter. I don't really think that would fly here.

I am almost sure Paul would like to show her around his little blue castle at the end of the road. She moves a might slower than I and besides, she talks far less.

Allow me to leave you today with a little tip that I find befitting. Paul Baby made three purchases today: A deck of cards and two items mentioned below.

He fixed the faulty toilet later in the day and changed the level of water in the tank.

Then, mail warning seniors about the high cost of funerals came up in discussion. I thought he was going to use a normal "layaway" plan for me. Now, I am not sure.

Someone once said, "You only need two tools in life -- WD-40 and Duct Tape. If it doesn't move and should, use the WD-40. If it shouldn't move and does, use the Duct Tape."

This queen bee is sleeping with my eyes wide open tonight. I feel ill this evening, but not quite ready for a royal flush either. Though I will now drink the hot tea from the chipped cup together with the stale sugar cookies that I just spotted sitting on a paper plate on the coffee table.

I can be reached by phone at 446-4852 or by e-mail at pamsarq@frontier.com.

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