Letter to the Editor

The punishment doesn't fit the crime

Sunday, August 12, 2012

To the Editor:

When a bank is robbed, do the police rush in, send in SWAT, and arrest the president of the bank, its shareholders, its tellers and those two guys they found in the corner carrying Uzi's and wearing Halloween masks?

Do they place them all in a van, haul them to jail and penalize them as a group?

I'm proud to be a graduate of Indiana State University and the only connection I have with Penn State University is the fact we all live in America, under a Constitution and Bill of Rights that in one section ensures all equality under the law.

Does what was done to Penn State equate to equality? What was done to the school, the teachers, students and alumni, those not involved in this horrendous event, by the NCAA in itself, was nothing more than criminal.

Those who have on their Halloween masks should be identified, severely punished and our children protected at all costs.

Those who had no involvement should not be persecuted.

The legal processes, appeals not included, are complete and the man who was found guilty of a multitude of molestation charges is presently incarcerated in what should be her permanent home.

If that's not enough, let's ruin a school.

Dallas L. Rose,