Parking issues discussed at council meeting

Sunday, August 12, 2012

CLAY CITY -- During the Clay City Town Council meeting the council discussed parking along 7th and 8th streets.

After a citizen mentioned the bad parking jobs, the council agreed many cars are taking up parts of the traffic lane and some are even parking on the sidewalk.

Town Attorney Chris Gambill said the streets are already designated parallel parking areas. He told the council they could ask drivers to correctly park, cite them or designate both streets as no parking areas. The council members stated they would like to buy signs stating "Parallel Parking Only" to post in those areas.

The council took more comments from citizens, which included a concern about a house on Bird and 5th Street. The citizen stated a large, overflowing dumpster sits on the property, and it is "unsightly." No one knew who owned the property. The citizen requested something be done about the dumpster before it becomes infested with rats. Clay City Clerk Sue Booe said she would look into who owns the property.

Gambill plans to send notices out to two homeowners, asking them to clean up their property and remove debris. Both buildings are partially demolished after burning down.

Meanwhile, the council opened bids for the asphalt paving of seven streets. Milestone Contractors' bid was for $41,900. Wabash Valley Asphalts' bid was for $50,233. Dave O'Mara Contractors' bid was for $49,276. The council accepted the bid from Milestone Contractors.

In other Clay City news:

* The council approved Ordinance No. 2-2012, which involves the nepotism law. The ordinance states no relatives in direct line of elected officials can be hired, and every year the council must sign, agreeing they are in compliance with the new law,

* New wooden signs were placed outside of Town Hall, and

* The Clay City campgrounds are having an open house Oct. 20.

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