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Brazil Buzz

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Oh, yes, the rain came down.

It played at settling the dust, teased and tickled the plants and brought out the ants and invited the earth worms to move closer to the earth's surface.

Maybe we will be out of this drought sooner than expected.

I will keep my fingers crossed and continue to dance up a storm.

Could be I may need to pare that down.

Some, or all of us, may still be able to salvage some of the pleasures that we missed this summer, because of the extreme weather conditions.

I miss my walks down the paths that we made in early springtime.

This year, wild berry vines on this property failed to produce to full potential.

So much we have known and enjoyed at the table must be purchased commercially, yet another bite out of the budget.

Last week, a fine group of finch found my feeders.

They spent quite some time drinking and bathing in the cool waters of the baths provided for them.

They spread their wings on the browned grass and dried off.

Then, they took cover amid the foliage of the tall maple nearby to rest a short time and blow off steam; as so, their music resonated to my ears.

Then again, they could have been bird chatting about the luck of the day.

Birds of every feather -- green, blue, black, red and gray and mixed -- migrating and home based are welcome in my space. What's sweet -- we all tweet.

Although I would rather they conduct business other than near the freshly laundered sheets and pillow cases on the clothesline.

I'd reckon their thinking is that deep purple gives the bedding a dab of color.

They cannot be blamed for the black specks. By golly, that no doubt was dropped by a fully relieved horse fly and a couple or more of his ornery buddies.

My apologies go out to the fine folks at Duke Energy. The dryer is a better option for my sheets and me.

We worry most about ticks. We prefer Frontline Plus to safeguard our pets against unwanted pets.

We check and double check for ticks and bites from mosquitoes and such before we enter the house after work or play outdoors and again under the "surgical" light inside.

A tiny deer tick found often times requires a careful eye or two. We have been known to back a few of the creepy crawlers out of our skins.

Paul received a bite last year, in the enclosure at the homestead. The area involved required immediate attention and was slow to heal. Lyme Disease and West Nile are always a concern.

I am watching for the Emerald Green Ash Borer. The metallic green beetle is allegedly on the move.

I have encountered Japanese Beetles, elder beetles, potato beetles, scavenger beetles, carpenter ants and strips of Beetle Bailey, but never the little green giant that is destroying the ash trees across the land, here and thereabouts.

Only a few ash remain on this property. We removed a fairly large mature ash tree from the front yard several years ago after a storm caused it to fall. The root system was unable to support the aging tree. The ailing ash lost its hold. The soft loose soil set it free.

A grateful friend cremated the body during a cold spell.

Yes, I may be sentimental, but I miss the old apple tree, the giant Catalpa, a certain pussy willow, the wild cherry and more.

I miss my mother's lilies of the valley and bleeding hearts and so much more this good life has known, loved and lost -- simple pleasures.

Though some things are still here for me, I sorted through some dated family pictures the other day. I think that is the proper thing to do at this stage in life.

I want my daughters to read captions concerning each family member, both humorous and heartwarming on the back of each photo.

And, so it happened, as I was thumbing through a large hat box, I came across a photo of me taken when I was a kid. I was in front of the homestead property in the middle of Elm Street, outfitted for winter.

A good move, since a heavy snowfall was on the ground. My forever friend, the late Annetta Lee Young, and this gapped tooth tomboy were taking advantage of the opportunity to use my brothers Radio Flyer sled, while he was hunting small game -- my idea.

I was on my belly preparing to fly up the road to nowhere or anywhere when she took my picture with her little camera.

The beauty of the picture is neither the swift new sled nor I. It is the tiny sapling by the driveway. Years have passed and that tiny tree still stands. My how we have both grown. How did that tiny acorn do that? Why am I shrinking?

The mighty oak has withstood the tests of time, weathered many storms, same as I. She almost killed me a couple of years ago as I drove my Craftsman Lawn Tractor beneath her. A dead limb fell from near her top to the ground hazardously near me. I respect her presence even more now.

This is the week of the 55th reunion of the class of 1957 of Brazil High School. I hate to add wrinkles to their day, but I can't wait to see my former classmates.

Who knows? I may have more pictures to add to the box.

I can be reached by phone at 446-4852 or by e-mail at pamsartorq@frontier.com.