Letter to the Editor

Who will stay in the castle?

Sunday, August 26, 2012

To the Editor:

Recently, on July 6, 2012, I read a story in this paper about a family from Indianapolis who planned for 10 years to build their own version of a medieval castle in the Bowling Green area.

Well, they did get it built after 10 months.

They said they planned on turning it into a medieval-themed bed and breakfast after they retire, probably by next May.

They also said they planned on living in part of it.

With this bed and breakfast they are talking about, means they are going to have to charge high prices to their customers in order to make some of their money back that they invested in this castle, and the only ones that will be able to afford to stay there overnight will be well-to-do people.

I wonder if they got this castle idea from American Profile, June 24-30?

Also, I heard some rumors that writers who write to the editor and happen to mention United States 40 or just plain 40 and don't spell out the word United States 40 won't get their letters published.

I never heard of a newspaper telling a letter writer they have to spell out a certain word like they do or they won't get their letter published.

I will assume that it's not true and hope it's only a rumor.

Because if it were true, then it's not a good policy for any newspaper.

Like I said before, I would rather believe it's not true.

There's nothing wrong with spelling United States 40. I just don't think a letter writer has to, just because a newspaper does.

Most people know that U-period and S-period along with the number 40 stands for United States 40 without having to take the time to spell it out.

Until next time, take care and be fair.

John Weddle,


Editor's Note: John, the rumor you have heard is not true. However, after using the term "United States 40," or "State Road 59," in an article as first reference, we then use the abbreviation of "U.S.," or "SR."