Letter to the Editor

Combating roach problem

Sunday, September 16, 2012

To the Editor:

I was sitting in our fellowship hall during a church board meeting when one of our members noticed a movement on the beam behind me, which ran up the beam.

Another member got to it and found it to be a roach.

Now, I hate to see even one in my house, and I sure didn't want to see one in or on our church property.

Where you see one roach, generally there are "brothers and sisters" and they multiply fast.

Our president of the board had invited a neighbor to the church to come speak about this sad situation bringing our attention to the empty house at 19 W. Maple St., Brazil.

He stated that he checked the residence on the outside of the house in the evening and there were literally hundreds out front of the empty house and that he has contacted the county health department and the mayor.

There arises the questions: Whose responsibility is it to clean up the mess at 19 W. Maple?

Our church appointed a board member to immediately get a "Bug Man" to treat our property. However, this is all well but after treatment, those roaches still can travel across the road to our church property.

It would be in the best interest of the person that sold the property on contract with the buyer having vacating same, to go ahead and make the cleanup operation, or for the city to clean up and charge the real owner.

Mr. Mayor, I stress this is not political, but a health issue.

Marion M. "Sarge" Eveland,