Letter to the Editor

Let local government hear 'our' voices

Sunday, September 23, 2012

To the Editor:

When is enough, enough?

In Brazil, we do not have streets. We have potholes.

(I thought our new mayor said he was going to fix that problem).

We also suffer from high water bills. According to the news, our council members and our mayor don't think we are paying enough, because they are raising our water bill.

I am sure that they have "good" reasons for doing this, or at least they say so.

Will this money go to pave our potholes, also known as, streets, or maybe it will help pay for the tower down by the park?

Our government is based on by the people, for the people.

Too many times, we the people just complain when our elected officials do something we don't like.

They get away with it because we the people let them.

So, I am calling on all of Brazil to write or call City Hall, sign a petition, or simply get a group of people to stand with signs, peacefully, in front of City Hall, and demand that they not raise our high water bills even higher.

Let our local government hear our voice as one.

Rev. Eric Jude,