Letter to the Editor

Railing against Romney

Sunday, September 30, 2012

To the Editor:

Now America knows.

Mitt Romney's real agenda is to forget 47 percent of all us Americans and solely concentrate all his efforts on the neglected billionaires and downtrodden millionaires.

We are learning that his "trickle down" policy is a version of that old joke about telling us that it is only raining when that yellow mist keeps hitting us in the face.

"Mittens" is a real piece of work.

When talking to the general "47 percent" public, he is for all Americans.

But when he is behind closed doors speaking to his "real people," who have paid $50,000 to listen to him speak the language of the billionaires and millionaires, the true, uncaring, unprincipled, deceptive person he really is comes out.

His real feelings about the "47 percent" would never have been revealed except behind the "$50,000" door.

"Mittens" says very little about his Swiss and Cayman Islands accounts that hold untold sums of money.

Also, what about his IRA account that has more than $20 million?

By law, one can only contribute $30,000 per year.

Has "Mittens" broken the law?

He is just another very, very, very wealthy George W. Bush."Nuf" said.

Vote Democratic.

Vincent Dion Baker,

Bloomington, Ind.