Letter to the Editor

Responding to letter

Sunday, October 28, 2012

To the Editor:

Upon reading L.T. Clark's e-mail regarding the Eel River closing, I was clapping to see the facts that were stated.

You can deny many things, but you cannot deny facts.

So, Mr./Ms. Clark, let me tell you a fact: Bowling Green residents do care and are incensed at the delay's and hyperbole that has been given to us by INDOT, elected officials and hopeful candidates who seem more than willing to pick up this cause for election, but truly don't care.

They don't have people driving through their yards because of the detours and they certainly do not have to put up with the constant traffic of semi-trucks almost tipping over from driving too fast around the Poland-Bowling Green Road curve (South Madison to us Bowling Green residents).

We do care and know this: We are fed up with the smoke being blown to us by INDOT and the "candidates who care so much."

We have not other option but to deal with what it is at best, ineptitude by all parties included in this situation.

Our quiet hope is that the union for truckers would put the proverbial smack down INDOT's way to help facilitate this sham ending.

We use that bridge daily and the increased gas prices and the repairs having to be made to our vehicle due to the horrific road conditions of the detours, we would appreciate a nice state tax exemption to recoup our well more than $1,000 we have spent in just repairs alone.

Another nicety would be another exemption for the almost equal amount in gas increase we have had as well.

People who don't know these roads are idiots when they drive on them. Oh, and while I'm at it, our yard is not a trash can. Stop littering!

Thank you and stop the bull, please, elected officials and INDOT.

We may be a small community, but we are loaded with voters who have had it with this situation.

Karen S. Meister,

Bowling Green