Public Record

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Clay County Courthouse

The following transactions took place at the Clay County Courthouse Oct. 30-Nov.1:

Circuit Court -- Civil

Douglas K. Netherlain Vs. Pamela K. Netherlain: Domestic Relations

U.S. Bank National Association Vs. Eric J. Hood: Mortgage Foreclosure

Bank of America Vs. Henry N. Wallen, Jr.: Mortgage Foreclosure

William D. Zurcher Vs. Carly M. Zurcher: Domestic Relations

Green Tree Servicing LLC Vs. Rick E., Marsha and William Carter: Civil Plenary

State Criminal Charges

Lester A. Nolte, Jr., 55: 1. Disorderly conduct

Randy Glen Jackson, 57: 1. Possession of methamphetamine 2. Possession of a controlled substance 3. Possession of a controlled substance 4. Possession of paraphernalia

Jordon Alexander Slater, 21: 1. Burglary 2. Receiving stolen property

James A. Childers, 59: 1. Impersonation of a public servant

James Anthony Keltz II, 36: 1. Theft