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Brazil Buzz

Thursday, November 8, 2012

I am a wee bit slow today.

I usually write Brazil Buzz on Sunday afternoon.

Yesterday, this writer was busy celebrating my birthday.

Now, you might think that I was singing and dancing or playing tag with the other half of this team.

Well folks, the fact is, none of the above fits my birthday agenda.

Despite the fact my shoulder was killing me and my feet hurt, I was busy as a bee in a hive of honey -- cleaning and cooking.

Many birthday greetings came my way.

I was answering the phone and checking my e-mails and Facebook greetings all day, periodically.

It is so nice to have family and wonderful friends.

I spent a few days last week helping Paul clean the main garage and store the yard sale items that I will move in the spring.

We loaded more trimmings from the cedars in the cart and hauled them to the wildlife habitat as before the day, Paul removed the tick from my eyelid.

Imagine this: Unbelievably, as he was adding the haul to the large green heap, a stick poked him in his already troubled eye.

The eyeball became very bloodshot, but there was no evidence of damage.

VA rescheduled the necessary surgery.

Previously, the corrective procedure would take place much earlier in the year.

Because of a failure to note on his file that aspirin therapy was at work, he lost the appointment.

I felt bad about the stick incident.

I am thankful all is well with the peeper.

Although, the tick terminator thought this devil had something to do with it.

He never bruises.

I am on aspirin therapy as well. I bruise easily.

I moved some tools and bruised my hand.

The next day, I decided to wash some windows in the little blue house at the end of the road.

I removed the drapery and panels from the west window in the bedroom.

As I was removing the mini-blind from the fixtures, it dropped on my bruised hand.

A slat cut deep into the dark purple area.

I stopped the bleeding and tended to the wound.

I did not want to call in emergency help.

Nov. 15 is our 55th wedding anniversary.

Some folks said the union would not last two weeks.

They just did not know us as well as they thought.

We have worked hard to come to this point in married life. We are unscathed and still happy and still the best of friends.

My sailor boy is a ray of sunshine in my life.

I will not mention moonbeams. I cannot remember how that fit in.

Nov. 11 is the anniversary of the Armistice that was signed in Forest of Compiegne by the Allies and the Germans in 1918, ending World War I, after four years of bitter conflict.

In 1921, an unknown American soldier of that war was buried on a hillside in Arlington Cemetery.

He became a focal point of reverence for American veterans.

In 1938, Congress passed a bill that each Nov. 11, "Shall be dedicated to the cause of world peace, celebrated and known as Armistice Day."

After World War II, leaders of veterans' groups concurred that the holiday needed a name change: Therefore, they decided that not only World War I veterans, but also all veterans of all American-fought wars and those who served in peacetime should be honored.

With the approval of all parties concerned and by act of Congress, President Dwight David Eisenhower signed the bill that changed the name to Veterans Day on May 4, 1954.

To the men and women of whom we pay homage -- I unfurl my flag and give thanks to you, not only, but also my husband Paul Sartor.

He served before and during the early days of the Vietnam War with the US Navy, aboard the USS Des Moines CA-134.

The ship (now history) was a heavy cruiser of the Atlantic Fleet.

Our great-granddaughter Avery Isabella Terry invited Paul to her school in Brownsburg.

The school's program recognizes those invited guests present and honors all veterans.

Those young brave heroes proudly served our nation and protected our freedom and liberty.

They deserve our gratitude and appreciation.

God bless.

I can be reached by phone at 446-4852 or by e-mail at pamsarq@frontier.com.