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County Council approves many appropriations

Thursday, November 8, 2012

During the Clay County Council meeting Monday, the council approved several additional appropriations.

First, the council approved an appropriation of $7,279 for building repairs. The money will be used to install a new gas heater inside the sally port of the Clay County Justice Center. Currently, the heating system in the sally port, where prisoners are transported from a vehicle to the jail, isn't enough to heat the room as needed. Officials are concerned the temperatures could be so low that the water pipes freeze, which has been a previous problem.

"If a pipe bursts, you have a much more expensive problem," Council member Rita Rothrock said. "You'd spend that much for repairs and everything."

Secondly, the council approved an appropriation of $20,367, which is a transfer of funds (as the council borrowed money from itself) from one fund to another. This appropriation is paying money back from earlier in the year.

Meanwhile, Sheriff Mike Heaton requested an appropriation of $80,000 out of the Public Safety/LOIT Fund for the purchase of new cameras inside the police vehicles.

"What we have now is obsolete," Heaton said. "This is the same company; it's the best and cheapest option. These cameras are vital to us."

The new cameras will help in the case of lawsuits and will help the Sheriff's Department become more compliant with state mandates. A total of 16 units are needed.

Heaton plans to trade-in the old cameras for the new ones, meaning the price will be less than what is appropriated, as he will pay the difference.

"(The cameras) protect the citizens and the county at the same time," Heaton said, after explaining what the cameras can do. The cameras use flash drives to save the data and have a GPS built in to each.

The Public Safety/LOIT Fund has an estimated total of $821,000 before the purchase of the cameras.

Next, the council approved $15,000 as SRI expenses for contract services. Money was collected for illegal claims and put into an Ineligible Deductions Fund. SRI will be paid for their services in helping pursue those illegal claims.

In addition, a $364 appropriation was approved for computer supplies for the Auditor's Office.

Further, the council approved several transfer of funds including $4,600, $1,618.50, and $974.13 -- all for Clay County Information Services Director Scott Hill to refresh three servers that act as virtual machines. He wants to replace all of them and is currently working on the second one.

"It will make things run comfortably," Hill said.

In addition, the council approved $1,200 for the Clay County Circuit Court to go toward law books. It is required for the circuit court to maintain the law library for the county.

Leftover money from the new roof on the Highway Department's garage is being transferred to the Cumulative Capital Development Fund.

A total of $1,100 will be used for painting, and $1,000 was transferred from training to office supplies.

Finally, the council approved a salary ordinance, Ordinance No. 20-2012, with rates as follows: WIC Clerical at $15.12/hour, Nurse at $25.32/hour and Dietician at $21.63/hour.

The positions fall in different fiscal year than that of the council, causing them to lose three months of their raise, so they are requesting to start the raise early in order to have their raises at the same time as others.

In other news:

* The council will request Jason Jacobs, deputy election clerk, come to the December meeting in order to discuss the updating of election registrations, and

* The council will request Clay County Assessor Mark Barnhart come to the December meeting to discuss the idea of Pictometry further.

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