Letter to the Editor

Always remember our Veterans

Monday, November 12, 2012

To the Editor:

Every day, and not just the day in which we observe Veterans, we should all be thankful for the hardships and sacrifices they have made for us.

Many have given their lives unhesitatingly so that others may live.

There is no greater sacrifice than those who give their life for others.

To the men and women who have served either in combat or not, we are deeply indebted to them.

Remember the families of those who we lost as well as the wounded.

In this great country, we have always fought for freedom and the right to enjoy all of our liberties, as well as the right to write this letter.

To all members of our armed services wherever dispersed, let us resolve to never, never forget them.

To do so would be to disrespect their honor and sacrifices.

For some Veterans, there is no Veterans Day, Flag Day, Memorial Day or Armistice Day.

For them, every day is "Remembrance Day," because you never forget them nor should we. So may it ever be.

Tim Long,

USA Infantry, 1967-70,