Letter to the Editor

Modern Homemakers give thanks

Sunday, November 25, 2012

To the Editor:

The Modern Homemakers Extension Club decided to plant a tree near the Extension Office to honor their club.

After securing permission to plant the tree, the members participated in several "fun projects," to pay for the tree.

Perhaps, the favorite project was a purse auction. Each member brought a filled purse, auctioned off among themselves.

The club was able to purchase a flowering crabapple tree and it was planted near the Extension Office.

Wishing to mark the tree as a memorial, Nick French was contacted for suggestions.

Nick very graciously offered to take care of the marker. Members of the club were delighted and thankful for his offer.

A very handsome stone reading, "This tree was planted by the Modern Homemakers Extension Club, est. 1954," was put in place by Nick French.

Members of the club are especially thankful for Nick's kind and thoughtful gift.

Modern Homemakers Extension Club,

Clay County