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Brazil Buzz

Thursday, December 13, 2012

I await the adult male Siamese feral cat's kitten -- like supper song, for now his measure of vittles rests on the table.

Oh, how I wish that cross-eyed cat could see that I am his friend.

He came through here last year.

I saw the emaciated bob-tailed feline ambling along beneath the cedar tree row.

It was clear to me the dingy fellow was down on his luck and needed a handout.

I put out a small bag of cat chow, placed a well-filled bowl on the walk and went inside.

The little tramp approached cautiously, looking this way and that.

He consumed the food and drank some fresh water.

One quick look at the slightly ajar door and the feline that I named Bob disappeared.

He has lived somewhere on this property ever since.

I changed his name to Bob Tom.

The old well filled out tomcat will respond to either name, however, he is not quite ready to accept the warmth of an outstretched hand.

Could be Bob Tom came into my world for a reason.

The good wife just finished tidying up the kitchen and the rest of the domestic duties carried out for the day.

This proud cook prepared a smooth, creamy and delicious potato soup.

No one said root vegetables do not have the right chemistry to marry, beautifully and well.

All that is needed in the mix is a bit of spice, a rich base and luck.

My tenderloins were tasty too!

I baked a mouthwatering pie with some of the strawberries that we purchased from Tucker Farms near Clay City earlier in the year.

I served generous pieces of the warm pie with a single scoop of vanilla ice cream.

There will be no room for snacks tonight.

Paul Baby and little Tootie Mae just settled down for an evening of Christmas programming.

This is the perfect time to connect with you, my readers.

All of the Christmas decorations are unpacked and giving us viewing pleasure.

Now I must find time to address the holiday greeting cards.

I will not send quite as many cards as in previous years.

Some old friends and neighbors, as well as some relatives, are deceased.

Other folks have new addresses.

In shorts the lists have inaccuracies.

I have enough greeting cards to last the rest of my life and although my supply of stamps will not last forever, they are good forever.

Our daughter, Starla Sartor-May, located a unique website: www.zazzle.com.

The company sells custom cards and postage stamps to match.

She added magic to her father's holiday season.

The cards and stamps feature southwestern themed landscape oils that Paul painted for her.

The inside of the beautiful card is blank, a suitable place to jot a personal Christmas greeting of any kind.

I love to send cards.

Cards connect and bring smiles.

Holiday mailings help the post office as well.

The surgery on Paul's eye is this week.

He is doing his best to finish the painting project, which is in progress.

The artist will need to set the brushes aside for a while.

This will be the fourth operation associated with Paul's eyes.

We hope the surgical team will be successful in correcting the problems that developed from the previous surgery earlier in the year.

Last week, I mentioned the Christmas treats my dad brought home from Lynch Brothers Grocery during my childhood.

One item I mentioned was crates of grapes grown in the vineyards of the good old United States of America.

Tonight, I logged on to Facebook to check out my e-mail inbox.

Starla, e-mailed me from Scottsdale, Ariz.

The e-mail came with an attachment.

A beautiful picture of the vineyard workers harvesting plump purple grapes.

A migrant worker was carrying a heaping crate with an end label that read California Grapes.

There was no message.

I assumed Starla read last Friday's "Brazil Buzz."

I called her tonight out of curiosity.

Starla said she was busy this weekend and had not read the article to date.

She saw the painting and acquired it.

The art collector plans to make a downsized copy of the fine artwork and attach my article to it.

I venture to say the miles have bridged both my daughter and my same page way of thinking quite well.

The miles enjoy keeping my mind on its toes and bringing joy to my world.

You, my readers, bring joy to the world as well.

Happy holidays to all.

I can be reached by phone at 446-4852 or by e-mail at pamsarq@frontier.com.