Letter to the Editor

Coal gasification plant a good idea

Sunday, December 30, 2012

To the Editor,

I would like to commend Lincolnland Economic Development Corporation for finding the perfect fit in a company for our country. The coal gasification plant planned to be built will really help our state in a lot of ways.

When Indiana's coal mines shut down in the nineties, a lot of Hoosiers lost their jobs.

When our local pottery shut down, Rockport lost big time. All the people working there had to find work elsewhere. Like the coal miners, most had to drive to work in other counties. These people have the right to work in their home area.

Coal has always been a big part of the livelihood in southwestern Indiana. Coal can be used without harm to our health. This plant has proven its intent to use state of the art procedures to insure the health, safety and well-being of the citizens of Spencer County.

The plant will also help secure good paying jobs for future generations as well as keep our schools and county projects on a high plateau.

Most of the people opposed to the project seem to be the ones who are not in danger of losing their jobs. Nor are they concerned with driving 70 miles a day to support their families.

There is always opposition to progress. When Interstate 69 started to become a reality, the same people against the coal gasification project started crying, "Save the planet!"

I'm sorry, but I would rather see our children have good schools and employment at home than to worry about the snail darters losing their domain.

The project adjacent to the new US-231 will bring new birth and wealth to Indiana, Spencer County and Rockport. Let's not be foolish and turn away when opportunity is knocking at our door.


Bill Glenn,