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Brazil Buzz

Thursday, January 24, 2013

If you have decided against a flu shot this flu season, please reconsider.

The bug is circulating in or near your space.

It is not too late to protect yourselves, as well as others.

The injection of the serum will not give you the flu. If you do catch the flu after the vaccination, your case could be less serious.

Paul and I received our flu shots early on.

We cross our fingers that everyone who already has the virus will feel better and breathe easier soon.

We spent the day at Richard Roudebush VA Hospital in Indianapolis Friday.

Paul had appointments and other business there.

Fortunately, we found a parking space in the crowded garage in the lower level of the hospital. The halls and waiting rooms were loaded with people.

We worked our way toward the elevators that would carry us to our first stop: The eye clinic.

I was not breathing easy during the short ride to our floor.

Rather, I held my breath.

Someone was coughing out of control.

His nose was red, his mouth was wide open and his arms drooped at his sides. I could feel the fallout on my back.

Was that face showing signs of the flu or a heavy cold?

Where was his handkerchief?

Then, out of his slobbering mouth, he spouted that the flu had the best of him.

We arrived at the busy eye clinic.

The seating in the waiting room was limited.

I usually wait on my husband there on routine visits, because the examining room is small.

Therefore, I settled down in a seat facing a small television on the wall.

Several of the folks there including staff members, patients and others were coughing and complaining.

Many veterans were waiting to see their eye care providers.

Things were quiet after they called the man who won the war with his wife over a hoard of dinnerware sets and retro junk.

Then, newscasters began to discuss Lance Armstrong's interview with Oprah.

The conversation heated up between everyone in front of me and that brought on more coughing and more hot air.

Germs flew and I fled to the other side of the room.

Two fellows got up from their seats and followed me.

That was a bad move.

One of the germ broadcasters, a non-veteran, leaned toward me and said, "Young lady, have you been here waiting long?"

Then he sat back grinning and waited for me to respond.

I mumbled with slightly opened lips just enough to please him and buried my head in an outdated section of a well-read newspaper -- another bad move.

Now, do not take me wrong. I am an outgoing person and I have heard that I possess a gift of gab.

The thing is, if you have the flu, do not bother to pass the germs to this "older" woman, not even if you grin ear to ear.

We were happy that Paul's visit went well. It was good to get back home too!

Yesterday, I sat down at the computer to prepare this week's "Brazil Buzz."

I was halfway finished with the text of the document when the phone rang in the kitchen, close by this room.

The loud ringing startled me and I must have hit the wrong key, because I lost my work and could not retrieve it.

Therefore, here I am, catching up on Monday.

I took time out of my busy day to watch the inauguration of our leader, President Barack H. Obama.

Everything was beautiful and still before we call it a night. There is much more to hear and see.

The weather is cooperating with the outside festivities.

The crowd is acting responsible and hopes are high for the future of this great country, United States of America.

Our 16-year-old granddaughter, Mary Shannon Patrick, from Lakewood, Colo., is in Washington, D.C., to attend the presidential inauguration and inaugural ball.

The history buff will attend a conference. Gen. Wesley Clark, Condi Rice and Bob Woodward are the guest speakers.

Mary is very familiar with the area. She lived in Front Royal and Stafford, Va., for several years.

Last summer, the learned scholar traveled abroad to learn more about France.

It does not seem so long ago since she mailed me a paper cutout of a boy named Flat Stanley to introduce to the citizens of this community.

I had fun filling Stan's suitcase with "Show and Tell," including pictures to take back to Mary Shannon's classroom in Virginia.

The lovely young woman is going to the ball in a beautiful, red gown.

I know that making memories is on Mary's menu and take-home will be sweet and informative.

I can be reached by phone at 446-4852 or by e-mail at pamsarq@frontier.com.

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