Letter to the Editor

What good are the police?

Monday, September 2, 2013

To the Editor:

Dear citizens of Brazil: Just how safe are we in our own homes?

Sometime Saturday and Sunday night, someone viciously killed a 1-year-old cat named Miss Kitty and threw her body in my yard.

Her head was smashed!

If this wasn't bad enough, I had several items stolen from my yard, including an antique wood stove that I had for years.

My first reaction was to call the police. I was told an officer would come by to speak with me.

I called back to the police station two hours later and they said they had a "busy" day and would not be coming by.

Is there only one officer who can answer my call?

When I reported a savage attack on a pet, and theft, no response do I get?

Will they respond when you need them?

Think about it!

And to the thieves who stole my stuff and killed my cat: Why don't you work and pay for your own stuff and quit stealing everyone elses!

Monie Call,