Letter to the Editor

Free adoption sounds good

Monday, September 2, 2013

To the Editor:

I read recently in The Times whereby Mr. Hear addressed the overpopulation of cats and dogs at the shelter and I've read nothing in reply as to oppose his idea.

I speak for the animals with this thought, that I feel that the animals could be saved by allowing two weeks each month for "free adoption" at no cost but within 30 days purchase tags for the animals (cats or dogs). Further, that all animals be spayed or neutered with cost (low fee) from the local vets/or volunteer no fee to get started and after short period, fees to be paid by the shelter.

I also ask what happened to the program where Clay County was sending them out to other shelters that wanted all they could get to adopt out.

Further, as the animals cannot speak for themselves, I wonder who would oppose getting rid of some lawyers for we have lots that aren't in court every day.

Sounds cruel to think I would want them put to sleep, or how about all our fast food people, or some of our "senior citizens."

Think of the money Medicare would save in Clay County. Some doctors in D.C. would certainly appreciate this.

But say, I'm a senior and I object.

I want to live till I'm 100 and be a nuisance to everyone whom thinks we have to destroy perfectly well animals that could be adopted out with some real planning.

Sure, don't adopt out to someone that already has three, and explain that there is leash laws etc.

Back when I was young, we could get a dog or cat from the shelter.

"Free from two caring people. It is always money, but giving out free would cut expenses down from food and not overwork volunteers. Nothing ventured, nothing gained."


Marion "Sarge" 

Eveland Jr.,