Letter to the Editor

Greenwood resident questions regional game officiating

Sunday, March 16, 2014

To the editor:

To the young men of the Clay City varsity basketball team: Your furious comeback in the fourth quarter of Saturday night's regional championship game deserves high praise. You produced for yourselves the opportunity to win. Nothing more could have been asked of you.

To the young men of Greenwood Christian Academy: Your stalwart efforts throughout all four quarters of the game were recognized by all in attendance. You also produced for yourselves the opportunity to win. Nothing more could have been asked of you either.

To the officials calling the game: Your efforts and judgement throughout the game were questionable at best. Both teams were affected by "no calls"; mysterious shooting fouls; bench timeouts being awarded when there was no offensive control of the basketball; and finally, a whistle with eight tenths of a second remaining for a loose ball foul when at least six players were battling for a rebound.

The young men of these two teams had battled all season for the right to play this game, knowing that one team would win and one team would lose. They were each prepared for and willing to accept those conditions. For the refs to intercede and not let the players determine the outcome of the game on their own accord is not only gross mismanagement of the refs responsibility as game officials, but is in essence, stealing the moment from both teams, their schools and their fans!

The game is for the players and their fans, not for the officials! The young men of both teams deserved far better! This was a classic Indiana High School playoff game, until you officials decided to make it something else. Frankly, you should be ashamed!

Chris Brown