Letter to the Editor

Brazil Kiwanis appreciates support; prepares for next year

Sunday, November 8, 2015

To the editor::

The Brazil Kiwanis K-Day is past; before starting to plan for next year's festivities, we step back to thank and recognize the many volunteers who made it possible:

VFW POST #1127, The Brazil Times, Key Club counselor Pat Krider and members, Posey Twp. VFD, York Chevelot-Buick, Inc and Bob Bowen Ford auto dealers, Joe Dierdorf emcee, Brazil Police Dept., Brazil Fire Dept. with Sparkey the Dog, judges Helen Meunier, Gayle Wiley-Camonte and Terry Harrison, Mike Cassidy and Bob Bigley for viewing stage setup, Exceptional Living Support and many other volunteers gave of their time and talents to overcome some hurdles to have a successful finale.

Parade entry recognition judged best were: Northview High School Band, Open Hands float, Head Start for group organization, and Night at the Manor, best overall.

Though the parade was brief, it was well attended and supported.

Next year's K-Day plans begin now as we review the past and we welcome new ideas. Join us in working with little time and effort to make a difference for our youth.

We meet at the Pizza Hut the first and third Thursday of each month from 5:30 - 6:30 p.m.

Brazil Kiwanis

Penny Keller, Pres., and

Ann Walden, Vice-Pres. and Member