LOOK BACK: Dec. 27, 1908 - Jan. 2, 1909

Sunday, December 27, 2015

* Persons are under the impression that the mad dog scare is over and are removing the muzzles from their dogs. It has not expired and will not expire for several days. Officers are on the lookout for all dogs that have no muzzle on and will kill them on sight regardless of their value.

* There was at least one man in Donaldsville who did not spend a very happy Christmas. The man in question was Mr. Fisher, and for a time he was as happy as any person could reasonably expect to be after the drouth. He had been to Knightsville crossing, and after his return took out a revolver to clean it, when the weapon was accidentally discharged, the ball tearing a bad wound through the left leg near the hip. Dr. Young was called and dressed the wound.

* Harry Osborne was the lone drunk in police court this morning. He was charged with plain drunk, to which he entered a plea of guilty.

* There is one man in this country who claims to have positive proof that the winter will be the mildest in the history of Indiana. The man has done a great deal of trapping of wild animals along the streams and rivers of this section during the winter, and he has made this a practice for over forty years. He said never in all of his time has he found the fur of the mink and on the other animals caught as thin as they are this year.

* Dr. Smith last Saturday afternoon removed about an inch of a broken needle from the left hand of Miss Mabel Manwarring, residing on North Atlantic street. The needle became imbedded in the hand while she was sewing several days ago, and was hidden deeply between the bones of the center of the hand. It was removed with a great deal of difficulty.

* Local Markets, Grain -- New corn - $.65, Wheat - $.95-$.98, Oats - $.55 Livestock -- Common Steers - $575 @ 6.00, Good heifers - $4.00 @4.25, Good cows - $3.25 @ 4.50, Hogs, beast heavies - $5.90 @ 6.25, Good steers - $6.00 @ 7.00, Bulls and calves - $3.85 @ 4.25

* Marshal Ace Robinson of Seelyville takes man who is wanted in Linton, IN. Alexandar Graves, an ex-convict, wanted in Linton, IN., on charge of breaking jail at the city Friday night was arrested at Seelyville by Robinson and taken to the Vigo County jail. The authorities at Linton were notified.

* Perry Somerville and son, Joseph, have just returned from a tour of the Southern states. The father took his promising son to the scenes of many of the most important battles of the war of the rebellion, and gave him a chance to see the historical spots which the father fought over in his attempt to preserve the Union. One of the most interesting of these was a field near Mobile, Ala., where Mr. Somerville laid for many hours in the ditches. The war was fought in April of 1865. There they found many of the ditches just as they were so many years ago. They were able to collect many bullets and unexploded shell and bits of exploded shrapnels. He brought these home and are on exhibition at Bogle's store. The most grewsome scene of the old battle field was the bones of the Northern soldiers who lost their lives in the storming of the fort. Mr. Summerville says that there are still hundreds of human bones still lying on the field there.

* Three men were killed and one seriously injured in the head-on collision between two freight trains on the Big Four railroad four miles south of here yesterday. Both engines were completely wrecked and five cars demolished. The trains were running at a rapid speed when they met. The cause of the wreck is not known.

* A laborer named Christiansen, who lives at Coenhagen, bought an old overcoat for a few cents two years ago. He recently noticed something hard in the lining at the back, and, on regretfully cutting it open, discovered a savings bank book with $2,230 credited. He reported the treasure to the police, but they have not been able to find the original owner, and the money has been awarded to the laborer.

* Bloomington, Ill., Jan. 2. -- John Gillmacher, a Chicago Board of Trade operator, Friday gave 200 poor children here a savings bank account, with $1 credit to each, in order to give them an object lesson in the value of saving. The gift came in connection with the annual dinner provided by the will of his deceased father.

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