Letter to the Editor

LETTER: Brazil resident makes three points

Monday, January 18, 2016

Brazil resident

makes three points

To the editor:

I must sit down and write or I am going to be guilty of tardiness on all three of my points. First let's rewind to last fall. I want to thank everyone for their beautiful plant and floral displays last summer, particularly those on my daily route in the area of the park -- the beautiful hydrangea's at the armory, the banana trees at the entrance to the park and the tropical scenery that adorned the entrance to the swimming pool. It seemed last summer there was more flowers and foliage planted in houses around town. Keep up the good work! One doesn't have to have the newest, nicest home to keep it presentable; even if you can't afford to plant, keeping a yard mowed and things picked up around the house works for the corporate attractiveness of the area.

Secondly, a big amen to the letter from Janice Clark and the Humane Shelter. I recently took my quarterly load of papers (I still love the printed page) to the Humane Shelter. I was utterly amazed by the looks of the exterior building and grounds. I made comment to one of the workers about how good it looked and she volunteered to give me a tour of the inside. Lacking time, I took a rain check but I know how good it would look on the inside by how it looked on the outside. A salute to Jim, Patty and all who are spending of your time, strength and substance to make this happen.

In closing I share something that has been a burden to my heart for many years, Please, this is not toward any person or organization.

If the old junior high school can't be renovated, could it be destroyed? As long as ten years ago I suggested to organizations to tear the school section down and sell the bricks for memorabilia. Even then in the school section the walls and ceilings were falling in. At that time the back section with the gym and rooms was solid and repairable. if it can't be renovated, possibly a memorial could be placed like the one at the old senior high. The colossal which are over the north entryways to the gym could even be a part of this. For many of us baby boomers and older Brazil junior and senior high school gave us some of the formative and fun years of our life.

Thank you Clay County for the 62 years that I have resided here. Lou Gehrig, in his farewell speech at Yankee Stadium considered himself "The luckiest man on Earth." I'm not the luckiest, just the most blessed.

__Tom Roeschlein

__Pastor, the Door Christian Fellowship Church

__Brazil High School -- Class of 1971.