EDITORIAL: Putting your best foot forward

Sunday, January 24, 2016

What is someone trying to portray while wearing walked-on, stained-up, fleece night pants with a tight, filthy tank top and broken flip fops?

Being comfortable is one thing, but dressing slovenly is a signal that humanity is losing its grip on civility.

What we wear reveals a lot about us, our attitudes and even our self-worth.

Looking good is apparently null and void for a growing number of people in society today.

Of course everyone has a right to their personal style. Finding a style can be a struggle, but style and cleanliness are two things that should go hand in hand.

While some garments are perfectly fine to wear at home, night clothes shouldn't be worn in public, and neither should dirty/stained clothes.

(Coming home from a hard day's work, or from the gym, is not part of this discussion. This is about making a choice to dress this way.)

In the not-so-distant past people routinely dressed up. It didn't matter if they were going for a drive, to visit friends, to the grocery store, off to the hair dresser or out for an evening dinner, men and women, including the children, were dressed nice and always appropriate for whatever the occasion was.

First impressions were important back then, and should be now.

There should be a way to agree on a basic standard for appearance that includes clothes that are not only clean but provide adequate cover. A size 14 figure doesn't need to squeeze into a size 10, while men wearing pants pulled down to their knees to show off their underwear is not only disturbing, but ugly.

Some may view self-presentation as a pointless concern.

Being out in public is no big deal. Why change out of those raggedy or dirty clothes to go to the store? Who cares anyway if I'm still in my night clothes? Why care about what a stranger thinks?

Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but people, especially in a superficial society, naturally make judgements based upon first appearances. Regardless of the idiom "Don't judge a book by its cover;" first impressions -- the mental images -- are what will be taken away from a first meeting.

How a person dresses changes how they feel. It changes the value of what they are trying to portray, at least to those who are looking.